I am pretty sure that Ginger Snaps was intended to be a horror film by its creators; but, for some reason, it didn’t really strike me as one. The movie was more of a comedy movie for me. Yes, there were disturbing scenes with disturbing images of blood and gore but still, most parts of the movie came to me as funny. A rather great deal of this funny definitely came from the dialog of the characters in the movie. I found it to be really shallow. It is probably because the characters that were portrayed were teenagers at their prime ages of being one. These are the times when teenagers are mostly run on their feelings and not giving much thought on the things they actually do and the consequences that come along with it.

Another big factor in the movie that made it funny for me was the very ugly wolf monster or lycanthrope as the characters in the movie would refer to it but I would still call it the very ugly wolf monster. I’m a gamer so I have encountered the word lycanthrope in some of the games I’ve played and the lycans as I would like to call them are not the same as in the movie. They lycans that I had encountered in the games are more badass in a way and are a whole lot tougher when compared to the lycanthrope in the movie; and most of all, the lycans in the games are not as ugly as the one in the movie. It’s probably because the ones in the game actually have fur covering their bodies that made them look like actual wolves. Because of this, instead of being scared of the supposedly scary man-wolf figure in the movie, I ended up making fun of it because I found the wolf ugly and weak; the wolf that bit ginger especially. It got hit by a running car and just died. My expectations of a lycanthrope are a lot higher than that. My lycanthrope would’ve stood up and tore the driver to shreds and dismantled the car to pieces.

Will I easily forget about the movie? Yes. However, there is this one part of the movie that did strike me as more horrifying with comparison to the other parts of the movie. This is the scene when Ginger’s lover was starting to get sick because they had unprotected sexual intercourse and he went to the male comfort room and urinated; then he urinated blood. This scene horrified me the most simply because I am also a guy. If that were to happen to me in real life, I would probably freak out even more than the guy in the movie did. Plus, I thought it must’ve been really painful.

That’s probably most of what I can say about the movie besides the fact that I found it as a rather ugly horror movie but was a good comedy movie experience.


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