The Boogieman

From the beginning of the film we can already understand the root of whatever misfortunes were about to take place. In Theo classes, we learn the importance of family upbringing to the development of moral character. Michael’s stepfather and sister are disrespectful and abusive. His mother, although a loving and caring woman, is an exotic dancer in their town, which causes Michael to be the center of ridicule at school. With the emotional beating he has at home and in school, it seems as though he releases his anger through violence towards his pets. The mask he wears are said to be a mental sanctuary for Michael. In a conversation with his mother he tells her he wears his mask to hide his ugliness. He repeatedly tells the child psychologist that he needs to get out of the prison as he begins to go crazy within the walls of the building. After killing a nurse, his mother results to killing herself, which leads to Michael’s 15 years of silence under his mask. With his psychologist also giving up on him, we are led to predict an eruption of violence from Michael in the coming scenes.

As human beings, we believe that there is always some good inside us. In Michael’s case, we hope and root for his conversion throughout the film but we are left heartbroken when he kills the one good friend he had, the janitor.

“These eyes do not see what you and I see. These are the eyes of a psychopath. He was created with interior and exterior factors gone completely wrong, thus creating a psychopath that has no boundaries.” According to the psychologist. The film as a psychological horror is seen as Michael becomes compared to the Boogieman.

This film plays on the entrapment of Michael in his own mind, which no one can understand due to his mental condition. From the abusive home he came from and the un-loving treatment in the mental institute, it’s unfortunate for Michael to have ended up such a monster. The horror in this film is realistic enough to scare the audience with all the blood and screams.

After escaping and going back to his hometown, we watch the monstrous Michael relive his Halloween massacre from 15 years back. His house is invaded by a teenage couple that reminds him of his sister and her boyfriend who of course, get murdered. All Michael has are his haunting memories, which don’t contribute to his improvement. The only reminder he has of his mother and her curly hair is this teenage girl who also has curls who happens to be his baby sister, Laurie. After killing her step-parents, he is on the search for her in hopes to perhaps start a better life with the only right family member he had.

The film reflects the traditional kind of horror plots, especially with a damsel in distress who is forced to man up and defeat the monster. Unlike when men have to shoot a monster, women always tend to freak out more with their shrill screams of terror—as seen when Laurie finally shoots Michael. This film reminds us of movies like Friday The 13th with a troubled boy coming back for some blood-shedding revenge.


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