The Innkeepers

After watching the film, “The Innkeepers”, I was reminded of the reason why I rarely watch horror films. Some of the previous films shown in class were actually scary. These films had numerous scenes that really terrified me; however the feeling of fear only lasted for a few seconds. It was very different when we watched “The Innkeepers” in the sense that the feeling of fear lasted longer. At the beginning of the film, Luke asked Claire to watch a video of a haunting which in reality was just a prank. The camera focused on the laptop screen and all of a sudden, a creepy face pops out. The scene was very surprising but it was not scary at all. A few scenes later, Claire hears a weird sound. As she was looking for the source of the sound, she approaches a room and then Luke suddenly speaks out of nowhere. The scene, like the first one mentioned, was also surprising but not in any way scary. Later on, as Claire was taking the trash out, she hears a banging sound from the hotel’s basement. She opens the door and there was a moment of silence. A bird suddenly flies out which was once again very surprising. To me, the start of the film, having a lot of “fake” scares, was very effective since it allows the really scary scenes to catch us off-guard. Following this scene, Claire was shown recording EVPs in different locations in the hotel. She hears the piano playing and as she approaches it, the camera zooms in to the piano and we hear a sound as if someone banged the piano. After this scene, the film started to get really scary and as I mentioned earlier, it gave of a feeling of fear and horror that sticks with you for quite some time. There were two scenes that were especially scary to me. First was the scene wherein the blanket rises and the ghost of Madeline O’Malley appears underneath it. Second was the scene in which the old man appears behind Claire as she is going down the basement. These two scenes made me feel absolutely horrified to the point that I was still haunting me at night. I found it hard to get out of my room at night because I was afraid that there might be someone or something behind me. I did not want to look at mirrors because I feared that I might see someone behind me. I was scared of opening my eyes when I was already in bed because someone might suddenly appear beside me. After watching the film, I was reminded that the reason why I do not watch horror films often was that it haunts me at night. The film, although being absolutely scary, was quite boring majority of the time. The exciting part only starts at around the last 30 minutes of the film. Prior to that, the film was long and dragging. The plot was very predictable and it did not have a good twist. Overall, I liked the film since towards the end, it becomes really fun and scary to watch.



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