Happy Halloween!

In the first few parts of the film we can already see the murders of Michael’s family. He murdered his sister, the boyfriend and stepfather. In the movie we can see how disrespectful those people were. Here we can see that Michael really has a problem and needs medical attention. He does things that a normal person won’t do. Because of this he is placed inside a mental hospital where he committed another crime by killing the nurse. This led to the suicide of his mom because she really didn’t know what to do. Michael’s psychologist even gave up on him. As the movie progresses, Michael got out of the hospital and murdered more people in his hometown. It was full of horrific scenes when he came back to his hometown.

As he returned to Illinois, on the night of Halloween, he wanted to be reunited with his sister. In finding his sister Laurie he murdered a lot of people, couples who were having sex. One by one Michael murdered them and at the end finding Laurie, his sister. He showed his sister the picture when they were young but Laurie got the knife and stab Michael and run away. Towards the end it was full of scenes where Michael was chasing Laurie and at the end they fell down together.

For me I really liked this movie because it really scared me especially when I first watched this a few years ago. But I don’t think that a young boy like Michael can kill or murder a lot of people at his age. For me this is really disturbing, seeing a young boy brutally murdering his family. Of course it is hard to say that a young boy can never kill a person. That is the scary part of the movie; it is saying that anyone can kill a person even with a very young age. In reality we may not know but their can be a lot of Michael Myers out there who can go crazy and murder a lot of people including their family.

All I can say is that this movie is a typical horror movie film where there is one killer and kills almost all the characters in the movie. The only difference is that the killer here started as a young boy unlike the other movies like Friday the 13th and the like. For me, the movie is basically scaring people or saying the anyone can really be a Michael Myer and he/she can be next to you or near you.


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