Horror Film 5: Grace of Doom

Wanting something takes time and getting it is a evokes feelings of immense happiness. Taking an idea from St. Thomas, how long you have wanted the thing makes its fulfillment greater. In the same context, if an obstacle appears and hinders you from attaining or enjoying your goal, the struggle becomes all the more exhausting and detrimental.

The movie “Grace” depicts a mother’s desire for a child and to nurture it to an extreme level. We have the heroine who has been trying to birth a child and on the other hand her mother-in-law who, by the death of her son, re-indulges in the idea of nurturing a child once again. The film presents its horror as a mutated form of family matters. Conflicts and tribulations appear as the film presents the death of the heroine’s husband and the birth of the undead baby.

The film uses a great deal of gore and gross imagery to portray its immediate horror but if looked through thoroughly the horrific feature is not visual. The heroine is clearly bothered by numerous things in the film and this leads her to keep some bottled up emotions. For her mother-in-law, she is very forceful and imposes a lot of things but this is for the sake of her son and due to her lingering maternal nurturing instincts. By the moment of the turning point previously mentioned, all these circumstances surrounding the mothers make them take extreme measures to get their wants.

The movie aggravates the mother role as the child acts as a catalyst for the horror to ensue. For the heroine, she becomes sicker and paranoid as she cares  for the baby. Because of the strange necessities of the child she goes as far as mutilating her body and even killing a person. For the mother-in-law, she goes and tries to assess the mentality and capability of the heroine as she wants to get a hold of the baby since she wants to nurture again, to find a replacement for her son. The film manifests these urges into extreme acts of maternal instinct and creates imagery which is really terrifying.

In totality, I found the film horrifyingly gross and disgusting. In a way, it portrays a release of cooped up feelings due to a change in circumstance and a desire to attain something. The different actions done in order to get what they want are shown by different characters in the film and they stem from emotions that have gone bursting to the surface.



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