Macabre Ragdoll

May is a drama horror film about how May, a social outcast, finds a new friend. May is a quirky odd girl who has no friends because of her lazy eye.  Growing up, her only friend is Suzie, a glass-encased doll. The drama revolves around how May wants to have new friends. She wanted to have a boyfriend. She even befriended a loner blind child. The film shows how May explored her sexuality (with Adam and Polly) and tried out new things, such as smoking


One of the central theme of the movie is sewing/surgery and macabre. May works at a veterinary clinic, assisting with surgeries. It is evident in the film that may is fixated with certain body parts of the characters.  May said that a perfect friend can only be made of all the perfect parts of people. Since she cannot find friends who would actually like her for who she is, she made her ideal perfect friend by making a Frankenstein ragdoll, Amy, made of mutilated body parts of people: Adam’s hands, Polly’s neck, Blank’s arm, Ambrosia’s legs, and her own eye. The most disturbing part of film is when she removed her eye. In the end of the movie, it was very surprising that Amy became alive.  Indeed, if you can’t find a friend, make one.


The film also tackles the concept of the gaze that involves relationship between the looker (powerful) and object of the gaze (powerless). The image of the male gaze is subverted when the guy is not the active looker; instead he is the passive looker. May constantly stalked Adam by following him wherever he goes.  Usually, men stalk women and pursue them. Men are the aggressor in the relationship. In the film, May was all over Adam to the point that she wanted a sexual relationship with him. Surprisingly, Adam refuses to have sex with May even though he easily could have. For me, it is very odd for a man to pass up on such an opportunity. I think Adam was emasculated since May was very aggressive and a more “weirder” or “psycho” than him. May was aroused watching the Adam’s film about a couple who make love and literally eat each other up.   In addition, May got so excited telling the story about a dog she operated whose guts burst and spread all over, while Adam stares in disgust. In summary, the film breaks the image that women are powerless victims. May is a terrifying monstrous-feminine. 


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