Making Friends

May is one of the most intellectually satisfying movies we have ever seen in class. I say so confidently because it is a movie that does not leave any stone unturned and I thought that the symbolisms that it had were very well developed. The movie for me is solid and I thought that all its parts were well integrated into each other. I would say that it was very disturbing, but I was more than ready to forgive it because it gave me a lot to chew on and it did not disappoint.

May is your typical socially awkward wallflower. Her peers were reluctant to make friends with her because of her lazy eye and not even her parents thought she was socially acceptable. In the beginning of the movie, when her mother told her “If you can’t find a friend, make one” is the central theme of the story – and what a creepy theme it was. May’s physical condition is what ostracized her from society. And because of this ostracism, she became socially awkward meaning that she had very little knowledge of how the world works and how to properly interact with people. In a way, as the movie confirms in the end, May is similar to the doll that her mother gave her. She became enclosed in her perfect, ordinary and predictable little world and she is horrified by the thought of “breaking the glass” that keeps her inside.

The image of the doll is also a symbol to how she relates to other people. She treats everyone around her the way she would treat her dolls. She imposes her thoughts and her will on them, expecting them to obey her willingly the way her dolls would. This is how May treated Adam. She saw him as her doll with perfect hands that she could control and manipulate into loving her. May is a sociopath that is obsessed with preserving everything in her little world. Which is why when she killed her cat accidentally, she decided to preserve him in her freezer. She was so obsessed with preserving everything in her life that in the school scene, when the box of the doll was smashed by the children, chaos followed. There was much bloodshed and violence in that scene. This perhaps is a symbol to the violence that sociopaths are capable of especially when their safe zones are violated.

Towards the end, the May’s doll is destroyed and she feels extremely vulnerable. She feels like she needs to replace the doll which she lost and in the end she tries to “make friends” by actually making one in the most literal and gruesome sense of the word. She does this by going on a killing spree, annihilating all of her friends and taking what parts of them she though were beautiful. She then pieced them together to create her friend. But to bring it to life, she must sacrifice a part of herself. So she gouges her eye out puts it on her newly made friend and it comes to life.

This scrapping for parts and patching them together could be seen in the first part of the movie where the opening credits show an image of cloths being cut and sewn together. This was very similar to what really occurred in the movie only that this time, body parts were being scrapped for and sewn together to bring to life a Frankenstein of a monster.


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