The Innkeepers

The Innkeepers was one of those horror movies that like to make you wait anxiously before finally delivering a punch. There were many instances in which one can find himself half expecting a scare that may or may not be given. This was a real contrast to the previous movies like Rec 1 and 2, both of which were adrenaline heavy and had a real rush in the way it was shown and even plotted. The innkeepers used the opposite style quite effectively for me. In making the audience wait, sometimes the moment of impact would give on a greater impression to a person who has long awaited the actual scare.


But more than the style of the film in delivering its horror punches, there is more to be said about the film particularly in the way it portrays the female character. Just as discussed in class, the female gaze is a very important thing to consider in the horror genre. The protagonist, Claire could be clearly pegged to be the curious female that tries to explore more than what are bounded to a woman’s role. As Linda Williams’ article discusses, there is a sort of implied subjugation that is granted to the female by the male. And as patriarchal cultures cannot help but exist, the male’s dominance can be seen by the fact that he had the actual power to act on or examine the monster. Well, perhaps in the film’s case it was not technically a monster but a supposed ghost of Madeline O’Malley, but still, we see how the female character, Claire also tries to act or take matters into her own hands. Not surprisingly, she is punished with this curiosity as she dies in the basement. Meanwhile the Male Character is the one that stays alive. Moreover, the power to gaze (quite literally in fact) was given to another female character, the actress who was now a healer slash psychic that can talk to spirits and look into the future. Although this woman had the power and the overall ability to see into the supernatural, she was still in a sense powerless over it and was able to do nothing about the incident. Even as she was talked to by the other innkeeper, she had the resolute answer that there was nothing that could have been done about what happened to Claire.


I think movie was overall ok, perhaps it would not be the type of movie that the adrenaline rush junkies would quite like. The pacing was not something that would suite everyone’s taste, it just so happened that it suited mine. 


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