Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods

The first thing that went to my mind when I first saw the title was that it was going to be a typical horror movie wherein people would get stuck in an isolated place then get murdered one-by-one by a loose serial killer. I am partially correct with this guess however, there’s a twist in this movie. This movie is not a typical serial killer on-the-loose movie, it is a movie wherein everything is actually in a controlled environment and people choose their own death. The movie begins with a series of teenagers who go on a vacation in a cabin in the woods. The cast involve the usual stereotypes of teenagers – the athlete, the liberated girl, the geek, the addict and the virgin. Things start to unfold after they arrive in the cabin. The people who control the environment release a certain gas which heightens their libido which makes them prone and unconscious of the dangerous environment they’re in. After they go around the cabin and tinker with the stuff inside it, things start to happen as they get slaughtered one by one by unknown monsters. It was later revealed that the stuff in the cellar that they played with would determine the monsters that would hunt them down. The movie has also a twist because it gives the audience the same feeling of the agents wherein we would just sit back and watch as they run for their lives. It was also later revealed that these murders were sacrifices to the Gods so that they would not bring hell on earth. This is when we realize that these agents are not really bad guys, but they are doing these for the greater good – to save humanity.

                There are also aspects of this film that come to our attention. One aspect that this film tackles is our desensitization to violence. As we get used to the murders and killings, we tend not to be shocked about the fate of the characters as the movie progresses. It was also brought up in the movie wherein one of the technicians told the new security guard to get used to the bloody images as if it were something normal we would see every day.

                Another aspect in this movie that I would like to raise is how interested we are to see what kind of murders the technicians/agents would do to the cast. We are in this position wherein we are excited to see what violence happens next to the people in the movie despite the fact that it is not right to think wrong about what would happen next to them. This is maybe because we would want to witness these accidents and experience these incidents without being in danger and in the comfort of our seats. Overall, this movie is not really that scary but some of the aspects in the movie make it worth watching.


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