“If you can’t find a friend, make one.”

May is about a girl who grew up living with her doll best friend, Suzie. She found it hard befriending people because of her shy nature and introversion. Just when she realizes how amazing it is to have someone who simply accepts her for who she is (her friend, Adam, liked her weirdness), that’s when she also faces the fact that this imperfect world is full of people who will always leave when faced with unfamiliarity. Not having enough experience with relationships whatsoever, her mind was startled and started to find obsession with creating the perfect friend.

This movie may be the saddest horror film I have watched so far. It had its comedic parts, but I think it’s still so sad. It is true that people tend to walk away when they don’t like the experience anymore. This can apply to various relationships, from simple friendship to marriage. There are people who give up right away without even realizing the good that this certain something or someone has brought to them. This film, though disturbing, showed a part of reality that I fear the most. That’s why I like it. I don’t know if I’m just weird or what, but I got really emotional watching this movie. I felt so much empathy for this girl. I felt so angry with the other characters. First, I think her parents are bad at parenting. How can they not realize that their daughter had no friends? Also, Adam, who looks like John Travolta, is such a typical douche-guy-in-a-movie. How can he stand leaving May all desperate without giving her closure? Basically, I find it hard to like the people around May, because they didn’t help her live a normal life.

Though, a part of me insists that May was really just mentally ill. That no matter what the people around her do, she ends up doing the same thing. She ends up driving people away from her or distancing herself from them. Or maybe her obsession with perfection started when she was still young, and it hindered her from accepting people who seem lacking to be the right friend. She may also seem trying too hard to keep her relationships perfect that she ends up creating scenarios in her mind that would seem appealing to the other person. Just like when she imitated the characters in Adam’s movie and bit him really hard on the lip. She wants everything to be perfect. Her only friend, Suzie, seemed perfect for her, because this doll did not hurt her because it cannot hurt her in the first place. I don’t know exactly if Suzie’s role is a possessed doll or just a figment of May’s imagination, but I think Suzie is a symbolism of May herself. When Suzie was still in her box, everything was just okay. Nothing went wrong, she was not damaged, she just remained there. Like Suzie, May used to be really quiet and just alone in her little world. But when May started to break out of her shell, that’s when bad things started to happen. She carried a lot of pressure trying to make more intimate connections with the people around her. She got hurt, her heart was broken, everything changed. Suzie’s box dropped on the floor because the blind children were forcing May to bring Suzie out of it. There’s this outside pressure that led Suzie to come out. By the time she escapes, she got destroyed and the shattered glass hurt the other children as well. May hurt the people around her too. Although I expected Suzie to be a demonic doll, I think her importance in the movie is to symbolize the character of May.

I really enjoyed the movie. It is very disturbing and gross, but May’s character is really loveable and scary at the same time. If I were to put myself in her shoes, I would understand how hard it is to have something taken away from you when you’re just trying to make a good impression. I also know how tempting it is to find perfection in the things that we possess and the people we let into our lives. It’s part of reality and it is scary to think that there are people, like May, who are desperate enough to do unimaginable things to gain attention and acceptance or get revenge on the people who hurt them.


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