Rec 2, Demonic Boogaloo

I really enjoyed the first installment of Rec, it was a hell of a lot of fun all the way. I was pretty excited, knowing that we would be watching the sequel of it. I had so much fun watching it because it freaked me out. The only thing worse than a zombie apocalypse is a demonic possession apocalypse.

Compared to the first installment where we follow a woman, we stray away from the motif of our course and we are stuck with 3 SWAT members. Loaded with weapons and armor, it’s hard to feel sympathy for them at the beginning, maybe you even feel sympathy for those they are going to bust a can of whoop ass to once they get inside the apartment. But even though they’re all fit and equipped, you still get the feeling of impending doom once all hell breaks loose.

I like how it integrated itself with the first movie, as it was happening just as the scenes from the first movie were ending. It also tried with different perspectives with the arrival of those pesky teenagers. It just was a bad day for the SWAT members, and it was comforting during those stressful times to see the fate of the teenagers in the end. I think the movie did so much to make everyone hate the teenagers. The three of them did so much stupid things, causing so much chaos around them, and in the end, the movie gives you a sort of compensation for all the stress that you watched by sacrificing the teenagers’ fates for the sake of the story.

We see in Rec 2 another breaking of conceptual scheme, something that we’ve seen throughout the movies in class. The SWAT team were there expecting just a breakout of something dangerous for their health, a virus that could cause harm once it goes out of the apartment. They go inside and realize slowly that everything that has been told to them was just a lie, just to cover up the truth that the apartment is indeed filled with possessed people, that once it goes out, it could also cause great harm to the people around them. They realize that the doctor that they have with them is actually no doctor but a priest. It unfolds as they are already trapped inside and they really can’t do anything about it anymore. They adapt to the change in conceptual scheme, and they try their best to reach their end goal, which as we know would lead to failure. So many secrets are uncovered throughout the movie, so many lessons learned for the characters and thinking about it know, it looks as if they were meant to fail from the beginning, with the powers so stacked against them. I think the franchise plays with the concept of the gaze. It relies on the video camera, trying to capture what they see inside the building, but they do not know that an something evil also has their gaze upon them and it ultimately catches up to the active seekers in the end.


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