Rec 2 was the immediate continuation of Rec 1. I was quite excited on knowing that we are going to watch Rec 2 since I enjoyed watching Rec 1 with all of its shocking parts. Based on my movie experiences, I had watched movies that have their sequel, and I always end up not enjoying watching it because I thought that the original was better but to my surprise, Rec 2 did a pretty good job for staying in line with Rec 1 on how it presented its horror.


Unlike Rec 1 with all the interviews to the firefighters, it started off with a group of SWAT and a “Ministry of Health official” entering the apartment and they knew that there really something wrong more than a contagious virus that they first knew of after seeing all the blood stains at the first floor. The SWAT team also had this high technology stuff where all their cameras are synced with each other and the main cameraman can easily switch with different members’ point of view. There were these intense scenes when they have to fight with those people who were infected before the SWAT came inside the apartment. They were able to escape the “zombies” when they entered the penthouse. It was really the intention of “Ministry of health official” to lure them towards the penthouse. The SWAT team accused of the health inspector to be suspicious and they knew that there’s something else other than a virus that the inspector wasn’t telling them. Because before they went to the penthouse, when one of the SWAT team was acting strange, the inspector knew already what to do and reciting prayers and using the cross to control the situation. When the y arrived at the penthouse, the inspector’s secret was revealed that he was actually a priest and all that’s happening was because of a demonic possession. At first, it was hard for the SWAT to believe it because they never knew that such things exist and if it really is true. They felt like they were betrayed and just went on with the mission but of course, due to fear, one hesitated at first but in order to survive, he followed the orders. They needed to get a blood sample of the Madeiros girl who was said to be the start of the possession. They did find the actual blood but it bursted out on flames. They kind of lost their hope because the blood was their only chance for them to find a cure for it but it was gone. The priest had a gut feeling that the Madeiros girl was still alive so they sought her. On their way to looking for the girl, they bumped onto the reporter who at the end of REC 1, we knew that she was taken by the girl. She said she knew where the girl was. But at the end of the movie, it was revealed that the Madeiros girl passed on something with the girl and infected her. All this time, they knew that the reporter was normal but ended up killing them all. It was indeed that the devil was inside her and she also did mimic the priest’s voice to get out of the apartment.


In the film, concept of the human gaze was seen. According to Carroll, even if monsters in horror films are visually unappealing, the human has a tendency to gaze upon the unusual. This concept was proven when teenagers broke into the apartment because they were curious on what was happening inside. Also, the camera’s night vision and gaze was important to reveal the things that can’t be seen by the human eye even though there was light.


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