May is not your typical horror story. It is a psychological horror film which basically deals with a struggling young woman who tries to find her place in the world. May is about a story of a very obsessive-compulsive girl who became who she is due to her upbringing. May was raised by obsessive-compulsive and controlling parents which is why she has become very introverted and isolated. Aside from the fact that she had an introverted personality, May was born with a lazy eye which could be one of the reasons that is hindering her from connecting with other people. As a result, she only talks to a doll contained in a glass box given to her by her parents when she was young. This doll sort of acts like her friend in which she finds comfort and solace by talking to it in times when she needs a companion.

                The movie starts very slow in which we look into the life of May, how she was born and raised and the way she interacts with people. Her character is set up in a way that we would like her and then feel sorry for her when she tries so hard to connect with people but fails in the process. She makes a few connections with people but as their friendships get longer, they eventually drift away from May due to her weirdness. The latter part of the movie would show May’s psychotic state in which we would see how she would decapitate people.

                At first, May was an approachable person who would not seem to be harmful to others but as a series of unfortunate events happen to her one after the other, she suddenly snaps and becomes psychotic. She figured that if she could not make friends, she would have to make one. For every friend she makes, she finds a body part of them that looks perfect and attractive. For the friends that had drifted away from her, she would extract her revenge on them by decapitating them one-by-one, collecting their limbs and then stitching them all together to make the perfect friend – this was after she had lost the doll that was given to her by her parents. After she had stitched the limbs all together, she realizes that her new found friend is not able to see her. As a result, she gouges one of her eyes and gives it to her doll. After she had given the eye to her doll, her doll comes to life – it was not revealed if this was real but it was just probably May in a very happy but psychotic state.

                Despite the slow start of the movie, the events that happen at the start of the movie are vital in helping us understand May’s character. May plays both protagonist and antagonist in the movie. We would feel sorry for her and then we would start to hate her. This movie is not one of those typical horror suspense movies that would shock you but the psychological horror factor of this movie would give you the creeps and make you consider this as an excellent horror film.


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