Halloween alright.

Halloween, for me, is the kind of slasher film that has an explanation. Compared to other slasher films that I have watched, Halloween explains how the killer became a killer. The movie presents how the killer became the killer he is from his childhood days. The killer, Michael Myers, as a kid had a very terrible environment around him. He has a drunken abusive father, a slutty bully for an older sister, and her mom is a prostitute although she’s the only one in their house who actually cares about Michael since Michael’s, younger sister is still a baby. In school, he was bullied by his schoolmates. Being already as unstable as he is mentally, this rather unfavorable environment is not really helping him revert back to being normal. Since he couldn’t fight back at the things he’s most angry with, he resorted to hurting smaller and weaker creatures than him, like small animals. This, as said in the movie, was a bad sign coming from a child. Not long after, he has started killing people, those who were not good to him; and this was the start of his rampage. He was sent to rehab but that never really amounted to anything.

Because of this, he was regarded as a psychopath who could not see any bit of light in life and only existed as an epitome of darkness and evil. This made me think, was he really that because he was born that way or was it because of his surroundings? Are psychopaths born or are they the product of societal pressures or it could be both? In this movie, it seems more like the second theory would apply more. If so, then his acts were conscious acts, chosen to his liking. So was he really just evil? But if so, why didn’t he kill his sister in the end when we thought that he was just rampaging from one place to another? Then again, is there really a point to all this? He still did kill all those people. The bottom line is that he killed people and that’s bad and doing bad things makes a person bad.

Looking at another topic, the film was definitely a horror film although it hit my rather differently from the movies that were previously watched in class. The movie made a sure hit on my principles regarding morality and what’s good or bad as seen in the previously written. Looking at David G. Hartwell’s discussion on his three streams of horror, this falls to moral allegory where good and bad is being presented. A fight between which is good or bad. However in this movie, the bad, pertaining to what is morally acceptable, has won the battle since even the one who the movie has presented as the most good ended up doing something what the most bad, the killer, did – kill.

Lastly, my question to myself for all the horror films that I have watched, did the movie scare me? My answer to myself to this question for this movie is no. This is probably because I knew that the evil in the movie is something I can actually fight and defeat.


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