Inn keeping ghosts

For me, what makes a horror movie all the more horrifying is not only because of the really scary ghosts or monsters, but also because of the rather stupid protagonists. The Innkeepers is one of those movies that I have watched that probably has one of the most stupid protagonists.

Watching the movie, aside from getting as horrified as I could have possibly imagine myself to be, I was also very frustrated. I was not frustrated because the movie was bad. I was frustrated about the main character in the movie. I found the main character utterly stupid for the things that she had done in the movie. Yes, she was brave in a way that she had the guts to be alone in empty rooms and document probable ghost sightings. However, in my opinion, there is an extremely small gap between bravery and stupidity. She was brave enough to be able to face what was there but she was also blindingly stupid to not have seen what was coming for her.

In class, there was a discussion about looking for something. In this movie, the main character was looking for a supposedly ghost that was beyond all help and that she would just get in trouble if she had gone into it. Of course, our very heroic brave protagonist, knowing all this, still had the courage to get involved in it; and as we would expect, lead to her own demise.

If one would look a little more into this, one can find that there can be a lesson from this movie. It’s good to be able to face your fears to get what you want; but at least have the common sense to know whether what you’re getting into would lead you something good or bad and whether what you want is worth the risk. The main character in them movie definitely didn’t have this common sense.

Another point I would want to point out on how the main character is stupid for her own good is that she also doesn’t know how to listen and obey to those who are a little more sensible than she is. The first time this is seen in the movie is when the retired actress, who has become a spirit medium after retiring from her acting career, gave her an advice not to meddle with whatever that was in the basement. Another time when this act of foolishness from the main character is during the last part of the movie where she was told to just stay put in the lobby and wait for her guy friend to come back. Even that simple task, she still fails to accomplish it.


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