This horror movie is different because we can rarely see a female being the killer. In most horror movies, the girls are the victims and the ones who are helpless. It started very light where May had a crush on one of the character in the movie. She was so in love with the boy and followed him to be noticed. One day they met in the laundry and started to talk to each other and May started to smoke because the boy she liked gave her one. This started their friendship and started dating. They went out a few times and became close. But one day May started to become super weird where she bit her date and saying that she was only copying the scene in the movie. After that incident the boy started avoiding May. As May realized this she went to the boy’s house and found out and heard that he was just playing with her and he had another girl in his house. This triggered the evilness of May.

May likes creating dolls and stitching all the body parts together. This started her idea of getting “perfect” body parts from different people to stitch them all up. She started getting body parts from different people. This is where all the bloody parts started. This is just like the other movies like Halloween, dead girl and etc that you just want to stop watching and go out of the room. It is not a type of horror movie where there are monsters or ghosts that will scare you. It is a horror movie because it makes you think that there are people out there who can do those kinds of things like chopping different parts or getting them from different people and create a doll-like person.

After watching this movie I was really disgusted. I felt like throwing up because of the bloody parts. What made it worse is when she got her eyes and placed it to her “real” doll. All I can say is that these kinds of movie are really scary for me, scary in a sense that I can take watching those scenes like cutting people. I rather watch those movies with monsters or ghost like Sinister, Paranormal series and etc. One think I liked about this is that it is different because it was a girl who’s the killer and very different from the typical horror movie where the girl is the victim and always helpless.


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