Curiosity killed the Cat–innkeepers

The Innkeepers is a horror film that is about two employees Claire and Luke who are working at the Yankee Peddler Inn that is rarely visited by guests. It is a very simple movie with just the inn as its setting, a few characters and a plain plot. I never really enjoyed the movie until the latter parts for which the ghost of Madeline started appearing. For the earlier parts, there is too much talking that I fell asleep.  For the latter parts it gets exciting where the movie captures more of its audience and let’s you want to scare the hell out of you.


It started with Luke showing this video with a zombie at the end frightening Claire. I know that something was going to pop out so I prepared not to be scared by it. Luke also showed Claire his website that he made to attract people to go to the inn. The website also contained the history and some of the mystery that happened in the inn. Luke told Claire that he once saw a ghost named Madeline.  Claire got curious so she went on asking Luke. Claire ended up investigating about Madeline and the more she put it in her head, the more the ghost seemed to haunt her. Claire also experienced weird events within the inn that made her thoughts on Madeline to be stronger and belief that she really exists. Claire liked to reach Madeline and wanted to confront her and know what was the reason that she seemed to still show and haunt people in the inn. Strangely, it was only Claire who felt and saw the spirit of Madeline. One night, Luke and Claire got nothing to do so they decided to drink beer and when they were already drunk, the feelings of Luke for Claire popped out. He told her that he likes her. But for Claire it was just okay and she didn’t put her attention to it. Then she thought that they should go to the basement to see Madeline. Luke agreed to her. They went down but when it got scary, Luke ditched Claire and decided to go home. He also said that he really never saw Madeline. Claire was told to go away from the basement because she might put her life to risk. She sought help with a psychic who is a guest in the inn. She also told Claire that there’s a great danger ahead so they need to leave the inn. But it seemed that Claire was not scared of things so she want back thinking that the psychic was down the basement. The ghost of Madeline haunted her.  At the end, she just died.


The movie used the concept of gaze well. It showed that Claire was curious on seeing the ghost of Madeline but at the end, it was her who was gazed upon by the ghost and died. Like most horror movies, it used the women representation of the victim and men are the ones that seem to have logic reasoning. Luke warned Claire not to go further but Claire didn’t listen so what happened to her was the consequence of her actions. The movie played well with the audience’s emotions at the end where there are camera effects that were slow as if wanting to see the ghost then it shocked the audience where the ghost suddenly appears.


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