Horror Film 7: The Voice of Doom

Sound travels the material plane as much as any physical manifestation. Voices, in this case, typically emanate from a physical medium, again; typically human. But sounds and voices mingle closely with horror as it plays with one of our key sensory factories, hearing. Something unnatural as hearing voices out of thin air is an experience that can send your spine a-tingling. There’s a saying that goes “Beware disembodied voices”.

The film revolves around the ghost of a student whose singing voice was a treasure to behold. The ghost and a friend, she endearingly approached and frightened, now set on a quest which soon proved to be more than what mere conversations between the two of them bring across. The film does create a frightening experience but gives a more disturbing feel.  A key idea in the film which goes well with the saying above and whatever deceit lies with the ghosts movie is that “ghosts remember only what they want” as much as what they want to convey. As the film slowly unravels the real happenings surrounding our little ghost, we start to see how much reality is imbued in her words and how much of the truth she did not want to recall.

In a variety of cultures, ghosts usually represent great emotions or bearers of their “unfinished busines”s in the mortal world thus leading them to remain anchored to it. The spirit is trapped to the physical plane until the accomplishment of the deed is done or the absolution of the emotion is reached. Pertaining to the film, the ghost is trapped within the school that she goes to. As a ghost, the physical plane is generally unaware of her existence, except for her friend. The friend exists as her window out of her prison where she can seemingly act free from her entrapment. In a sense, her ghost existence serves as a subconscious repression of memories she deemed insignificant to her unlife  since it has not much to do with her” business”. But as soon as she finds out that in her life she has caused indirect abuse to people, instead of having a realization, a more violent manifestation of what she has done emerges from her ghastliness.

In my opinion, the film is not meant to be frightening but more of horror which tends to disturb and disrupt the audience by means of  portraying human emotions which explode in a violent behavior.



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