I did not enjoy much watching the movie Pontypool.  For me, I think the plot seems to be okay in terms of the movement of the story. It follows the normal trend of the plot in which there is a rising action, climax and the falling action. It does not follow other movies in which there are numerous plots in the whole movie like of the Japanese horror movies. In doing this, the climax was given much emphasis. But having this kind of plot, what happened was that the movie seemed to be slow because of a lot of talking and with that I was bored in many parts of the movie. Moreover, I was hoping that the radio workers will be attacked by the infected people but with no avail. 

However I think for me it can still be considered as a part of the horror genre because it tackles the concept of the unknown. There is a sudden spread of a disease in which it manifests “zombie” like behavior. It is very interesting on how the movie created a new kind of way of spreading the disease, it was through words. Through using and understanding those words, an individual can be infected. This is a very unique way, also somewhat irrational, in producing an explanation. But this is where the movie becomes a completely new horror genre; it destroys the concrete idea in which infection is only caused by physical transmission of the virus. 

I think for me, the horrifying thing that the movie presents is that what all the things we understand right now may cause doom to us. For me, I think that it is better to become innocent in many things rather than having a lot of knowledge. Because in having knowledge, everything seems to be complex, everything becomes harder.  Sometimes there is a point where understanding brings bad things to an individual. That is why there is a saying “Ignorance is bliss”. 

Overall, for me this type of movie is not easy to be grasped and understood. But to think of it, this is what the movie is trying to present. That in not understanding there is no horror, but when there is understanding this is where the horror comes in.  In this, I would not recommend this movie to my friends if they want to be scared, but if they want to think I would gladly show this to them. For that this movie will make you think on what has happened through the movie. 


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