May She Rest In Peace

This movie, interestingly enough, teaches the viewers the value of family upbringing and the importance of interaction with other people when growing up. May never had any friends growing up except for a creepy looking doll her mother gives her on her birthday. This doll was the only one May would talk to as she grew up while she would also sew her own clothes. With no regular social skills, she struggles in her adulthood as she is finally exposed to the outside where people actually willingly talk to her. In certain conversations with her colleague, she randomly speaks her thoughts out loud such as, “You have a beautiful neck.” She only expresses herself well enough when she’s alone or with her doll, and has trouble conducting normal conversations with people, which simply makes things awkward. The times she does talk, like when she and Adam had lunch, she makes her disgusting stories seem delicious. The saying “silent waters run deep” seems prominent in the film with how May acts because it’s hard to figure out what’s on her mind. The many silent moments in the movie were the scariest because of May’s tendency to suddenly do something abnormal.Thanks to the family upbringing background of May that was shown in the beginning, it gives more sense to how May conducts herself now that she is older. To be in the place of Adam or Polly was difficult since they had no idea what kind of childhood May had.

When Adam shows her to Jack and Jill film, her reaction to it was it was “sweet.” She began showing Adam her real side when she enjoyed his lip blood on her, just like in the movie. Once Adam realized the oddness of May, he seemed to want to steer clear of her, but the only problem was, May was hooked on him and his hands, which put him in a dangerous place. “I successfully escaped that lunatic” was what broke May’s heart. She thought he “loved weird” which made her feel safe with him. When her lesbian friend Polly calls her over during her vulnerable state, May once again confesses that she’s weird but is then comforted when her friend Polly says “I love weird,” thus repeating the cycle of hurt for May.

For someone like May to be rejected by the people who led her on in the first place, was already trauma enough. Her series of killings were the consequences from rejection. Since no one wanted to be her friend, she recalls her mom’s advice to “make your own friend.” This then makes May’s intentions much clearer but more disturbing.

The only thing that wasn’t horror in the film was the soundtrack, which is something I noticed. The use of every-day kind of music made the murder scenes more playful. The music playing during her sewing of her ‘new’ friend was similar to a childish horror story soundtrack, which was still playful. As she hysterically realizes her new friend has no eyes, the beginning of the film was the clue to her next course of action, which brought the film to a bloody end.


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