Somebody to Love

May is an awkward yet truly loveable with all it’s quirks and small horrors. You don’t get a sense that you’re watching a horror film because it feels like you’re watching an indie romantic comedy where someone just as awkward as May will come along to sweep her off her feet. But alas, it slowly turns into a twisted display of affection by May. The creepy doll in a box wasn’t a very endearing sign that says this will be just a regular film for you, several close ups with the doll along with some whispers and cracks of glass builds up the tension and gives you some cause to put your hands over your eyes.

I like how it slowly builds up to the climax, throwing hints away from the mother giving May the first doll she made, to May talking about how there are so many perfect parts but no perfect wholes. You get the feeling that something is going to happen especially with the different shots of the different body parts of the different people May meets. From expecting it be a doll-comes-to-life horror movie, it slowly shifts as you get to know May and see the people she meets along with the thoughts that come into her mind.

I see some similarities with May and Halloween in a sense that both May and Michael were seemingly harmless at first. Due to some unforeseen circumstances both of them sunk deeper and deeper into their own thought allowing those thoughts to consume them and carry them out into reality despite the thoughts being wrong. You can say that both Michael and May had their conceptual schemes reformed because of tragedy or heartbreak, that they sought to deal with their new realities but those realities ended up hurting a lot of people in the process.

As I’ve said, despite it being awkward and somewhat creepy, there’s still a lot of fun quirky stuff to please the viewers, from May trying her best to be civil with her first date, and some hilarious moments with Anna Farris. It’s funny how innocent she is and she is thrown in with these people who are different from her and you wonder if they are just using her because she’s so nice and all. In the end though despite seeing how she does such horrible things to the people around her, you have some feeling of retribution along with May, because despite her actions of course, being wrong, you still feel like it’s a victory for this poor little girl. After all, she just wants someone perfect to love, and if amputating different people including yourself and creating a new friend is all that it takes to find that someone to love then go for it. Though looking back I don’t quite see May as a horror movie, but more of a dark comedy of sorts that has slight traces of horror. Horror or not horror, May is an enjoyable movie that shows how desperately searching for that perfect someone can lead to some interestingly gruesome results.


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