No vampire drama

I have fun watching the movie Let the right one in. Even though the story line seems to be predictable the movie somewhat seemed interesting to me due to the elements used in the movie such as the characters and the setting of the movie.

                I like how the movie used the characters to have a different perspective of the audience on a typical story line. For me the story line is typical because it is somehow similar to the movie Twilight where a vampire and a woman fall in love with each other. But looking at the movie Twilight, it gives its audience a feeling of being a romantic or “cheesiness”. The movie disrupts the terrifying characteristic of a vampire, and gives a new idea to the audience that vampires have human characteristics; thus, removing the element of horror in the movie. On the other hand, even though the movie Let the right one in involves love between the boy and the vampire, Oskar and Eli, it did not changed anything on how dangerous the vampire can be. The movie removed the idea in which “Love conquers all” for that the girl will still be a vampire no matter what. She will eat other people when she gets hungry, or might even eat Oskar if there is nothing to eat. In doing this character build, even though the movie has a similar storyline with Twilight it did not end up looking as a romantic movie but it still is a horror movie.

Another thing that was helpful in giving a horrifying effect to the movie is the setting. The setting of the movie was a town covered with snow, making the surrounding dark. Moreover, the town has areas where there are no people, just trees and pure snow.  By having this kind of environment, it seems to give an impression of loneliness and sadness. By doing this, the audience becomes more vulnerable to the situation; thus, it makes it easier to affect the audience in scaring them.

The idea that stuck into my mind while watching the movie was about something that Eli has said to Oskar.  She said that she kills people because she needs too to be able to sustain her life. While on the other hand, man does not need to kill other people because there is no reason to. At that point of the movie, I realized how humans are far more dangerous compared to the monsters that we think of such as vampires, zombies, and the like.

Overall, I recommend this movie because even though this movie has a typical horror movie monster in the form of a vampire, there is a twist which separates the movie in becoming a cliché.   


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