This movie is a about a radio reporter with two other girls trying to report to the public what is happening. They received strange news where they were really clueless on what is happening.

For me, this movie is weird because at the start no one can know what is really happening. I was so clueless on what is happening when they got reports of people who were rioting outside the office of Dr. Mendez. They don’t even know what is the cause of this riot. There were also some strange calls from reporters where it was really not clear what is happening because what we only know is that the reporter they talked to were really scared. As the movie progresses, I was really expecting zombie like people who were going to attack the radio station. Honestly I was getting scared because of the camera angle where it shows the entrance of the radio station at the back of the two girls. I was always expecting people to run in and attack them. So the scenes like these are the ones who really made me scared because I was clueless on what is happening and what is the monster/enemy.

Later on, as Dr. Mendez went in the radio station, they figured out on what the infection or virus is. Dr. Mendez found out that the virus was in the human language. It infects certain words and within these words infects certain people. So with this knowledge they spoke in a different language for the other people not to understand and become infected. Towards the end, Dr. Mendez successfully lured all the people away from Mazzy at Sydney and there they disinfected few words like they made “kill” into kiss. This ended the movie and after the credits there was just a weird clip with both of them on it and is black and white.

For me this is just one of the weirdest movie I have ever watched. I just really didn’t expect to be the virus in the human language and the people will become zombie like because of this virus in the language. I am not saying that the movie is bad, for me it is weird but at the same time a very good horror movie because it will really scare people because of the strangeness of the movie and being clueless for most of the part in the movie. This is the type of movie that will really scare you, like what I said earlier I was scared because I didn’t know what the monster looks like or what the enemy really is because the scenes from the movie are just inside that radio station where there are no videos of the riot. I was really expecting the people to attack them and will just pop out at there back.

All I can say is that even if the movie is weird, I really liked it because it was really full of suspense and will really make you think what is happening out there.


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