Sexual tensions in May

Source of fear: sexuality may lead to murder. That was a hyperbole, but it may indeed be true with someone like May, who has never felt that she had a real friend before, or experienced sex. What makes psychopaths? If anything, her mother was one person who ruined her life in saying that “If you can’t find any friends, make one” — that May took literally. How impressionable children can be. It brought me to the ideas in Foucault’s A History of Sexuality, where he discussed where and how repression of sexuality came about. Using his methodology, I attempted to analyze May. The society generally doesn’t like the publicizing of sexuality (mostly in the U.S. and conservative countries such as all the countries in Asia, but not in European countries like Germany, where they’re very open about sex and sexuality).

May had a lazy eye ever since she was a child. This lazy eye was an oddity by certain standards — something her mom told her to hide. This is very similar to Foucault’s Pedagogization of Children’s sex, wherein he asserts that children are highly sexual and this is something that was seen to be monitored and controlled. It isn’t repression that fuels this policing of sexuality; instead, it is a way for structures or people to exert power over something. May experienced this pedagogization in a way, as other kids scrutinized her for it, and refused to be her friend. Like over-sexuality of children, her eye was an abnormality.

The hysterization of women’s bodies is also applicable to the movie, as the females were highly sexual. May and Polly had sex and were pretty much seen as sex addicts at one point, since Polly always had to have it and May became obsessed with it after she had it. May, in a sense, killed people in order to release her own sexual frustrations. She killed everyone who she felt sexually tense against and kept the parts which gave her the most sexual arousal. It was disturbing because these parts, which can be called May’s fetishes, are things that she believed could be put all in one person in order to make the ultimate lover. Although she did say “I just want someone to see me,” you can definitely read more to it than you at first might. She was definitely doing some kind of a Psychological defense mechanism, like displacement, to cover up her frustrations both sexually and emotionally. In all her sexual encounters, she never felt truly accepted and truly satisfied. This was her form of vengeance to them. With this act she made a statement: sexuality should not be repressed — it can blow up in your face. Again, that may be a hyperbole, but it definitely happens. Think, for example, about all of the people who were kept from sexual education — they are, more often than not, the ones who end up more sexually active than most once they’ve done the deed (I do have a relative that this happened to, unfortunately).

So the bulk of May is actually a film of sexual sensibilities.


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