wREC[2] the notion

That movie was just really depressing and for lack of a better word, hopeless. I felt pretty hopeless after the film. It took me pretty long to write a blog entry about this just because those were pretty much the only words I had. I can’t say I “liked” the movie in the conventional sense, because I “like” bunnies and puppies, and putting this on that level would just be wrong to do. I must say I appreciated the movie in a different sense than when, say, I appreciate something like Pocahontas (which I love, by the way).

If anything, I noticed one of the trends in horror film that I cannot ignore — why is the idea of a woman as the killer so much more terrible and haunting than a male murderer? I find that people see women as seemingly sweet, innocent, and harmless. So much so that in Rec 2, the devil even used her as a tool to get to the Catholic Church. Both Angela and Medeiros were the very source of the contagion and demonic possession — both women. Is there something about women that they are pointing out? Maybe that we women are barely seen as a threat to society. In a really twisted way, the film shows that there’s more to women than what the eye can see. It shows some kind of empowerment in a sense, because women are rarely ever harmless. We are, in fact, just as harmless as any man (see the irony?).

Besides, how would you ingrain in people’s minds something as intense as women empowerment? Definitely not through something like a Disney movie like Cinderella. Pocahontas was okay, it just didn’t do enough for women as a horror film probably could. That’s the beauty of the genre, I’ve come to realize. It tells you something by scaring you without being moralistic about it. Horror films don’t tell you to “do this, do that,” they mostly tell you how it is in a very allegorical (and very gory) way. REC 2 helps eliminate the notion of women being weak and useless by showing women as monstrous. (I’m not saying that’s how Barbara Creed defines monstrous, but it’s definitely an interpretation worth mentioning.) Women can be feared, powerful, etc. It is, however, such a shame that it may be said in this movie that women have to be “possessed” by something else to be all of the above/taken seriously. Why does there have to be something higher to be thought about when it comes to the power of women? Needless to say, the idea was there and it got across at the very least. I’m not saying that women should be feared or what have you, but there is something that a woman possesses (whatever it is) that can be used to exert power and incite fear in people — just you watch out! It is bound to come, it is sexually specific, and it is gender-oriented.

And that’s how I learned to appreciate REC 2.


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