Young Love

Let the Right One In has a brilliant take on the clichéd vampire theme. The romantic horror film is a masterpiece because it is very chilling and touching, and boasting with good character development.

The setting is in a very cold and small town in Sweden. At the start of the movie, a man is shown slitting a man’s neck to collect blood, which later turned out to be his regular activity.

Oskar is a young, loner bullied boy who meets an odd girl who turned out to be a vampire. The film destroys the image of the powerful image of men. The monster in the film is Eli, a twelve year old vampire girl who drinks blood to live.   Eli tells Oskar that he should hit back and be more like her.

The film has an excellent character development. Oskar seems very meek yet he collects clippings of grisly murders and pictures of knives. Also, he usually carries a large hunting knife. As a bullied boy, he always imagined how he would take revenge on his tormentors. He was seen stabbing a  tree trunk as if it was his enemy. This shows how a young person can have evil and revengeful thoughts, and Oskar even admitted that he wanted to kill his classmates. On the other hand, Eli’s character is very contradicting, in a positive way. Despite her innocent and sweet look, she can be a monster who needs to kill people in order to live. But, it was revealed that she only killed in order to live, in contrast to Oskar who wants to kill for revenge. Despite being a monster, she has this very affectionate side because she genuinely liked and protected Oskar.

The film definitely had gore in it, but the young romance theme overpowers the monstrosity of Eli and darkness of Oskar. It is quite pleasant to see how young romance develops without being sexual and depicting the usual wild “vampire sex” scenes. The film was able to show how innocent young love is. One of my favorite scenes is when Oskar asked Eli if she could be his girlfriend.  In one scene, Oskar asked what would happen if he doesn’t invite Eli to come in. Eli enters the door as if nothing happened. Then, suddenly blood came out from her eyes, nose, mouth ears, and skin.  A remorseful Oskar apologizes and hugs Eli. Also, the young lovers got each other’s back.  Oskar protected Eli when a man tried to kill her. Eli proceeded to savagely attack the man, and Oskar just shut the door so he won’t see Eli’s dark side. The best scene was when Oskar nearly drowned in pool and Eli killed the bullies, while a severed head and hand is shown. Oskar’s smile when he saw Eli was very emotionally moving.

At the end of the film, Oskar travelled with Eli on a train. This suggests that Oskar will become like the old man who collected blood for Eli in the start of the movie. Clearly, Oskar is an innocent boy overwhelmed by young love.

Indeed, Let the Right One In has been added to my favorite movie list. It is a spectacular movie to end the semester. 

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