Let the Right One In

This movie for me is a cute one because of the love story of a young boy and a young girl. In this movie, it somehow reminds me of twilight where there is a love story between a vampire and a human. With this I remember the love story of Edward and Bella. For me this is not really a horror movie where people will get scared. Most of the violence here is because Eli, the vampire girl needs blood to survive. He did infect one person but it did not become a threat to people. The infected girl did not do anything to hurt others or kill other people.

Basically, the story of this movie is about a boy named Oskar who is bullied in school. One day he met a friend named Eli, the vampire whom he became friends with. They fell in love with each other, which is the typical or normal thing to happen in these kinds of movies. Later on Oskar found out the Eli was a vampire and he didn’t leave her and instead stayed with her. This was a cute love story of the very young couple. Towards the end Eli even saved Oskar’s life in protecting him by killing all the bullies that wanted to hurt or even kill Oskar. At the end of the movie they were with each other sitting in the train with Eli hiding from the sun.

For me this movie’s focus is really about the love of the couple. The movie really centered on love and it even made it stronger by using Eli’s powers or supernatural skills to protect her partner. Like what I said earlier, it is really not the typical horror movie where it really threatens or scares people. It was a horror movie because of the violence caused by the vampire but it wasn’t that of a threat because Eli is not really a killer or that strong compared to other monsters in movies. For me this movie “Let the Right One In” is one of the less disturbing or scary movie we watched in class. For me it is like this because the story is really about love and the couple in the movie are just too cute because of there very young age.

All I can say is that I’m glad that this was the last movie we watched and not those, which are very disturbing. It was a good movie to end the semester because it was a very “light” type of horror movie. It is also good for the class to show that there are horror movies which are like these and not just about horrific or violent scenes in it.


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