Make Friends

May is a movie that showcases the sadness of living a solitary life and the dangers it poses because the lack of social interaction meant that your morality and conscience is determined by you alone. Like a true angst story that we all know too well, May is a lonely woman whose main cause of misery was her lazy eye and dysfunctional upbringing. While she had a job at the local veterinary clinic, she only does other things to meet her basic needs which is really weird considering the fact that the was already an adult woman and was living without someone telling her what to do. Her main pastime is sewing which takes up most of her free time and her only companion was a creepy doll called Suzie which had not left its glass case ever since she had it.

            The doll was really an embodiment of May herself. She can be seen by other people but she had a glass box surrounding her which distances her from getting close with other people. When she tried to nurture relationships with Adam and her female co-worker Polly, the box where the doll was kept is shown to be cracking by itself with the slits growing wider each time May interacted with people. When she finally wanted to foster relationships of a larger scale, she volunteered to mentor some blind orphans. This goes horribly wrong when one of the orphans accidentally breaks the glass box that was carrying Suzie. May had already been rejected by Adam and Polly had found another lover before this happened. Before May had the chance to fully step out of her box, she was ganged up and rejected and this time, she could not return to the box she was in and her mind snapped.

            May takes her mother’s cryptic advice literally and started murdering people to gather their body parts that appealed to her the most. I think May was only obsessed with Adam’s hand, Polly’s neck and etc. on the first place. She tried to love these persons as a whole being but to these persons, she was just too weird to be loved and rejected her. When May’s mind finally snapped, she became a collector of some sort who only wanted the specific body parts she liked and discarded the rest.

 May‘s role in the movie was almost always reserved for males but when a woman acts it out, it made the actions scarier because in these types of movies, we expect the woman to be the weak and screaming character. The part of the movie where she takes out her own eye and placed it on the Frankenstein-like monster she created was a significant and symbolical scene for me because she wanted the monster to see her using her own eye. In doing so, she hoped that this monster would be able to understand her actions and be her new friend. The monster may as well mirror the darker side of May and embody the physical qualities she desired for herself.

May had a similar feeling with Ginger Snaps except that it was more intelligent and had more depth in terms of the message it wants to convey to its viewers. I really liked how this film was written because it added a little humor to an otherwise twisted film. 


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