MAY we be friends?

Upon learning that May was about a weird girl with a doll, of course I expected a film like Chuckie but considering the usual predictability of horror films, I was completely wrong. The doll in a story was not a murderous doll, in fact, it seemed completely harmless. 

Because May was born with a lazy eye she did not have any friends. She ends up living her whole life with no one else but the doll her mother gave to her as a child. To add to the almost zero human interaction, her mom forbade her to let the doll out of her glass box, even the inanimate object had a barrier to protect itself from May, and for good reason.

Having lived a life shunned by everyone, May was bound to grow up more than just a weird girl. Whenever anyone paid the slightest bit of attention to her she got attached and obsessive.  No one was there to guide poor May on her pursuit of the man she’s been stalking so she’s goes ahead and pursues him the only way she knew how, by being herself.

Two Characters in particular had the unfortunate fate to have personal encounters with May, the man she was obsessed with and her lesbian co-worker.  When she starts having relationships with these two people, both man and lesbian took May’s awkward innocence and strange personality as something they could take advantage of. Little did they know that May’s puppy dog look was completely opposite of what she was, she bites, literally.

The movie began with May being the protagonist but slowly we find out that May was the one to be feared. Rarely do we fear for the life of a Man in horror films, the female gaze was always something searching and innocent. Although there certainly was something searching and innocent about May’s intentions, May’s gaze was not to be compared to any normal human being, she was hardly human herself.

 In other horror films, we see women as the damsels in distress always needing to be rescued from the monsters chasing them. But what happens when the thing you have to be saved from Is the voice in your head (or the voice from your doll) or yourself?  May was a monster to everyone she encountered and also to herself but the sad part was that she had no idea. In her mind, everyone had a barrier to protect themselves from her and her lazy eye.  All she wanted to do was to break it and by doing so, she literally tore people apart and created the super doll of her dreams, with all her favorite parts.


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