When movies become hits, writers, directors, producers and every other person who get a pinch out of the income they make, think it’s okay to force a story out of the ending of the first movie. Of course, since the intentions of the second or any other succeeding movies aren’t always as pure as the first time, it is bound to not be as good as the first which is NOT what I can say about the second REC movie.

Never have I seen a movie that tackles possession as a zombie apocalypse/virus kind of thing all in one go. I guess the writers tried to deviate from being typical and although some might think they were trying too hard to be different, the triple threat monster worked for me.

 The ending of the first movie was the news reporter woman left in the room with the possessed zombie girl and it all went blank. I thought she was dead and I was already settled with that idea but finding out there was a REC 2 gave me hope, maybe she was alive, a good ending perhaps.

The first movie did not fully reveal the real cause of the zombie outbreak in the building, they showed the room of the priest but there was also a mention of a virus, so the whole situation was not explained. The difference of Rec and Rec2 for me was that what that the story line become more important. As I mentioned, dialogue was almost unnecessary during the first movie because it was all running and panting, I did not care to know what caused the virus, all I wanted was for the people to escape. The second movie on the other hand focused more on answering the question they were asking from the start: how did everything begin.

When the priest was persistent about there being a cure, I was hopeful again that the ending was going to be a happily ever after.  But as soon as the reporter (whom I thought was dead) arrived, I knew that was impossible. Again, my intentions for the movie shifted to finding out what was going on instead of wishing for a good ending. Together with my shifting of intentions for the characters of the movie, the point of view of the cameras also changed. What I liked about the movie was that when you don’t know what is going on, you know your questions are going to be answered as soon as the camera view changed.

Overall, Rec2 was enjoyable as the first but the significant difference was that the scare factor was less during this movie because almost all throughout the movie, the point of view was that of a man, and a macho policeman at that.


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