I never found slasher films as scary as any other type of horror, the hundreds of slashers I’ve watched trained me to half cover my eyes at the right moments, they’ve all become a little bit too predictable. But of course, I can’t say the same about the originals.

John Carpenter’s Halloween had me sleeping in between my parents for a week and apparently it was not just because I was around 7 when I saw it. Halloween is dubbed as the ultimate slasher film next to psycho, and I agree. Rob Zombie’s remake had the same effect on me as my 7 year old self.  The opening scenes alone were unsettling; the casting of the young Micheal Myers contributed much of the disturbing factor to the movie. He was described as cute in class, and I could not disagree more. That kid really did look like a psychopath, his acting was so believable,  I half believed that what I was watching was real life.

It was hard to say what I felt about Micheal’s character (other than the obvious fear of course). There were parts where I hoped for a little conscience in him and I was hopelessly rooting for him to snap out of his skilling spree  the whole time. But he was hardly human and there was nothing that could have helped him, his doctor was just wasting his time. I think many people would attribute Micheal’s instinct to kill to the horrible family background he had, but I think he was just made of pure evil, the family was just an addition. What made Micheal’s character so good was that even though we knew nothing could stop him from being a monster, some people (like me) still hoped he had a little good in him even if it was reserved for his little sister alone. 

Everyone was skeptical about a Halloween remake because nobody wants to tamper with the classics but Rob Zombie did a brilliant job. The film almost felt like the original with its almost sepia tone all throughout and it had this ‘old school’ feel without trying too hard.  

Stories about psychopaths are always scary because of their possibility to be true, somewhere out there, there is someone like Micheal and that’s what I was thinking the time, even to the point of feeling affected and sorry whenever someone would get killed.  Something one typically feels during a drama love story not a horror film.  

I say Rob Zombie’s Halloween is a good addition to the greats but I can’t say I enjoyed it, I was completely stressed the whole movie and I couldn’t wait for it to end.  I’ve never been as horrified as I was watching a horror film in a long time (Not the Deadgirl kind of horrified) and I guess it was a good thing.


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