Horror Film 8: Another [REC]ording of Doom

They say “what you see is what you get”. But when the light stops you from seeing, how can you find what you’re looking for?

[REC] 2 was a film which follows the events of the previous films. It takes great leaps in providing a great explanation for what was going on in the first film and builds with that to create and interesting bond between science and faith. The film extends the cause of the infection to an unbelievable case of demonic possession which the new set of characters would soon find out. [REC] 2 makes use of clever ideas that truly expands the lore of the film series.

As a sequel of a good movie, I found [REC] 2 just as satisfying to watch compared to its predecessor. It manifests previous characters into roles which are not the typical foreboding types that warn others of what they experienced. Instead they are still involved with the story and play a role that is critical to the plot. It also immerses us once again in the same setting which shows places that are familiar while keeping it fresh by adding twists and new imagery all throughout. But a fallback from the previous film that I found hardly likable is the introduction of expendable characters that provide little to no progress to the plot and you just feel sorry for them for just a short while.

The film focuses on what the person sees and what he cannot see. As viewers looking through a first person perspective, we delve in with them as they see for us and themselves what horror they were pursuing. The sense of sight serves as a catalyst for the events in the film as things only seem to happen in the face of the camera. The characters in the film were continuously searching for something in a place so desolate and dangerous. This was further emphasized in the fact that they were actually in the right place in the very beginning of the film. When they learn how to “see”, the events took a darker turn.

Overall, the film was a great follow-up to a great “zombie” flick.  Its draws from what was established in the first film and adds its own charm to it. Though the science-religion combination maybe strange and inappropriate for some, I liked it a lot since it provides a different take to the zombie genre.


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