Let the Right One In

I think many people will notice the similarity of this movie with twilight; Vampire falling in love with sullen looking human, Human seems to like keeping to himself/herself until he meets the strange vampire blah blah blah. But the CLEAR difference of the two movies was that Let the Right One In, was not disgustingly cheesy and that the vampire character did not shame every other vampire in history.

Oskar was a young boy with a haircut that screams ‘bully me please’, he had no friends and he was constantly beat up by boys in his class. If I had not known what the movie was all about before watching it, I would have thought Oskar was going to be another Micheal Myers, they even look the same. But Oskars life changes when he meets his new next door neighbor, Eli.

The movie had a very dark feel to it but despite that, I think the drama and romantic genre came ahead of the horror. Eli killed people who were insignificant to the movie so I did not feel too horrified, the victims were just flashed at passing and the main story was centered on the relationship of Oskar and Eli.

Oskar changes when he meets Eli, he is completely infatuated with her despite her always telling him she’s not actually a girl. He still goes for her, not fully understanding what he was getting himself into. This for me, changes the perspective of how women are usually portrayed in movies, this time, the boy was the one who acted like a ‘girl’.

I like how women were portrayed in the film, Eli was a vampire but she wasn’t someone to be feared. She killed people but as she mentioned, she killed them because she needed to.  And in the end, she was the one who saved Oskar. The other notable female character was the woman who turned into a vampire after being bitten. She knew she was becoming a monster so she fought that instinct and thirst to kill by committing suicide.

 The girls/women in this movie can be compared to the characters of Deadgirl, wherein technically the monster was the girl but the humans were the ones who acted shamefully. In Let the Right One in, most of the men seemed to be a disappointment, the old man who was a slave to Eli, the bullies who acted like complete monsters and even the short appearance of Oskar’s father who seemed to have issues of his own.

This movie was a good way to end our Horror Film class, it proves and disproves much of my notion of horror before class started-that what I think isn’t horror can be horror- and it at least it was a pleasant change from films like Grace and Deadgirl.


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