Horror Film 11: May of Doom

No man is an island. Every human being needs human interaction outside the confines of home inorder to be a well-molded person in society lest they become awkward and isolated.  The film, May, plays around this human fact and creates a premise which is funny and yet disturbing at the same time.

In the film, we follow the misadventures of our heroine, May. She grew to be a very weird and awkward woman because of her wicked childhood. She had trouble making friends in her school because of her looks, her lazy eye. Her mother tried to help by giving her a “friend”, a doll named Suzie and leaves her with a quotable quote, “If you can’t find a friend, make one”. The doll was really misleading since it was emanating an air of spookiness but it served a different purpose in the film. The rest of the film deals with the awkward delusional life of May which all boils down to her loneliness and social awkwardness. This in turn proves to be the greater threat throughout the movie as she struggles to find someone who is perfect, caring and gets her for who she was.

The act of looking in the film is greatly exemplified as May focuses on things she likes and the perfections she wants. As we are seeing through May’s perspective, we see that she becomes fixated with certain parts of the body. The female gaze was attributed as something that’s curious, searching, and that’s how it was portrayed in the movie, she searches for the perfect someone that would understand her. But the more she looks, the more she discovers that there is nobody perfect enough for her as they all disappoint and hurt her because of who she is. And she sets off for a new search, a search for parts to create her perfect friend. The monster that returns the gaze was May herself, she has turned into an atrocious killer who takes what she thinks as “perfect” parts. As she looks at these perfections, it exemplifies the imperfections that she has and it horrifies her, the lack of friends, the betrayals, her lazy eye. In the end, the monster consumes May, it gouges her eye and allows her to bleed to death for a moment of reprieve with the doll she has created.

The film, in my opinion was a great film. It plays slightly with the mind and gives a disturbing feel to it. The scenes range from weird, absurdly funny to downright graphic and repulsive. The way it converts a simple lonely girl looking for a companion into someone dreadfully horrifying is quite the sight to behold.


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