Horror Film 10: Halloween of Doom

The type of horror movie that seem closest to reality are the slasher films. No matter how absurd the stalking menace seems to be, the reality of death comes across in a a very familiar form. The deaths and kills are more of a criminal act than what we can say a ghost attack or a monster maul. We sense great fear from this horror genre because this stuff happens though not as exaggerated as the art form.

The thing is with the slasher films, they always victimize teens and more often than not they have the so called “final girl”. This started as a shy away from the classic horror movies where the victims would be the general public. In the modern era slasher films, the aim was to cater to the youth, the young, the teenagers. And so, the turn them into meat waiting to be butchered.

The 2007 film Halloween is a remake of a very famous slasher series wherein we have the iconic killer, Michael Myers. Not so different from your typical slasher film, but this time around a backstory for the villain gives light to the terrible deeds he would soon act upon. But it was awfully disturbing because the foundations of his killing spree started as a wee little lad. The opening scenarios stands as a justification for what would transpire for the remainder of the film, more slaughterfest.

One thing I found really noticable whenever Micahael executes people is that the women have a harder time before they take their final breath. They bleed, they crawl, they squirm and struggle harder than the men in the movie. The men get surprise euthanasias up and about but the women really suffer alot. It might be for the very purpose of effectively conveying the horror as the helplessness of women strikes a certain string in our nerves. Also it seems to exemplify the coldness and lack of emotions of the psychopath as the flooding emotions of the woman falls on the deaf ears of one giant killing machine.

Halloween is really a great film on its own. As a remake, it sticks to its roots, keeping the good parts and at the same time offers something new and interesting to the plot. Though I dislike graphic kill scenes, Halloween does it well with justification. With streams of blood, senseless violence and a screams of terror, this remake puts Michael Myers back in the limelight.




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