Playing With Your Food

My interest for vampire movies has been quite damaged because of the sudden take over of the Twilight movies. I’m not saying they were terrible, it’s just that I was not quite impressed by what they had done with the vampire character. Let The Right One In on the other hand, as much as it has a tinge of ¬†romance, actually hit the spot. The monster was maintained throughout the entire film and the other themes of the story such as mystery and romance had not suppressed her monstrosity, which I think is a good thing, because Twilight turned vampires into pseudo-x-men that shine in daylight.

On account of Linda Williams and Barbara Creed, Let The Right One In was also able to twist the female gender category effectively by reversing the damsel in distress role through making the monster a girl. Not even a woman, a girl. A character that in most cases, is tender, fragile and prone to weakness. Although they made the girl the opposite of what the gender category groups her in, Eli somehow maintained an air of weakness behind her vampirism; she was still only just a girl and she was lonely. As the movie progressed, she grew into liking her next door neighbor, a boy named Oskar, who seemed to have been emasculated because of the fact that he was always bullied and his father was not around. Eventually as the two met and their relationship had blossomed, they each filled in their own gaps. Though Eli was a vampire, Oskar was able to look over this and remained her friend throughout the ordeals that she went through in the movie. Even as Eli went on a feeding frenzy, Oskar stuck with her and gave the ‘girl’ side of Eli the attention that it needed. So even as Eli was seen as a monster, she was able to be a girl at the same time. Eli on the other hand, was, in a sense, able to give Oskar the ability to overcome his over-submissiveness and become a ‘man’ and fight back. So with what started as playing with her ‘food’, which is what Oskar is as a matter of fact, Eli and Oskar ended up having a mutual, giving relationship. Let The Right One In was a good movie, in my opinion, because it was able to retain the sinister nature of vampirism, blood and supernatural elements at the same time turn the typical female role around from damsel in distress to monster and slide in a little tenderness that can only be found in young love.



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