I am not sure if it shameful or a downright insult to even compare the film to a movie like Twilight, but I really couldn’t deny that there were really portions of the film that reminiscent to me of the main framework of Twilight. Only this time, not only was I impressed with the storytelling but also the subtleties that were scattered everywhere in the film.


            I was reminded of May when I found out that the female protagonist (or should I perhaps say antagonist) was again the monster character in the film. Again, the actual personification of the monster not just as something the female can identify with, but the actual female herself was reminiscent of how May was also done. But apart from that, the nature of the characters as females was quite different. While I found that the May in all her oddities was really someone to be scared of, the personification of the monster in Eli, who was this 12-year-old girl made the character totally endearing. This time, I felt, that there was a certain irony to the fact that Eli had such strength and agility as a vampire and yet, her actual persona seemed to me fragile and weak. Her vulnerability was something that seemed more exposed than the other monsters that we’ve seen in all previous films.


            More on the romantic elements of the film however, the title was totally apt for the backstory of the love of the two youngsters. It is interesting to note that letting the right one in could ironically mean letting something abnormal, something as unusual get into the deep recesses of your soul. And in a sense, it’s like letting the other penetrate you, and this time, openly and willingly. This time, the subject accepts the other, as Oskar did with Eli. He showed no hesitations despite knowing that she was something really different from him. And interestingly enough, this certain power that she had, she didn’t loose but rather, her strength was shared with Oskar when she would protect him during those times when he would often get bullied. It seems like letting this monster be and accepting this monster would not only deemphasize her otherness but moreover the power shared by the two characters when they are able to come to a mutual giving of themselves was something that was so powerful.


            I found that the whole film, more than horrifying was just a beauty. I loved how the storytelling was so well put out and it was not overdone at all. I also really appreciated that the characters were these two children who seemed totally innocent and yet, their seeming purity totally makes them worthy characters to portray the sort of love that breaks barriers. And while I found that I was a bit reminded of the whole idea of Twilight, I can’t deny that this was the sort of thing I would have wanted Twilight to be like. A twilight done right. 


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