Yes, you may come in

                Let The Right One In was the only movie that I have seen before being shown in class. Though I watched the American remake instead of the original, the story is really similar. To be honest, every movie that was played in class was the first time I watched them because they were mostly American in origin. Before taking this class, I really avoided watching American horror movies because their quality did not usually meet my standards. The American film industry also had the tendency to completely butcher any remake they made.  I watched Quarantine after watching the two REC films. All I could say is that the film should never have been made in the first place because it was a sorry mess of a remake. With this mindset, it comes to no surprise that I only watched the remake of this film, Let Me In for reasons other than to get spooked.  Two words; Chloe Moretz! J.

                The film was a combination of love story and horror, like an inverted and more likeable version of Twilight. When I said likeable, I meant the story was more realistic with the characters slowly falling in love because of their constant interactions with each other unlike Twilight, whose male character only needed to look good and gaze intently at the woman to make her fall for him.

 I never really understood why Eli had to ask permission before coming into a house. It was pretty important too, considering that it was the title of the movie. I guessed that it was one of the rules a vampire had to follow in their world and held ominous consequences when ignored.

                This movie switches the roles of the gender. Eli was not the stereotypical female we usually see on films like this and Oskar, our own male protagonist is a pushover. He had to be constantly encouraged by Eli before he could fight the bullies who tormented him. Eli empowered the female role in this movie and gave all the men a run for their money. Though their roles were switched, Oskar and Eli still maintained some qualities of their gender. Even though Eli was a killer, she was still a shy and reserved girl and looked even weaker than the scrawny Oskar. The constantly bullied and ridiculed Oskar meanwhile, was still the leader of the relationship in terms of guiding Eli through the social conventions of the world and protecting her from the prying eyes of the public. As I was watching the movie, I could not help but smile at how these unique characters were getting along. The screenplay was also designed in such a way that each action they were doing together was presented as a new experience for the couple, though I had some reservations when I considered the real age of Eli.

                I was glad that this was the last film we ever watched instead of the usually gory ones we had to sit through. While love is a tricky factor to incorporate into the horror genre, making it work usually turns the movie into a masterpiece. Let The Right One in is one of these films.   


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