Cabin in the Woods, A Parody and Tribute To All of Horror Films

There is a reason why I didn’t have the enthusiasm that I now have today towards watching horror films. They all seem to have the same plot. They start out as normal people living the life of an ordinary day. Suddenly, all of hell starts creeping and stalking which eventually breaks loose and suddenly, you have a monster chasing the main characters till the end of the world. They suddenly just lose basically half their IQ along the way which was what irritated me the most about these films. However, by sheer luck, the main character survives until the end. You can only hope that it ends that way. However, I eventually started to not give a care about that anymore and just enjoy the horror film. For years, I still can’t explain why people in the film suddenly become border retards. That is until, Cabin in the Woods.
Cabin in the Woods, in my opinion, has given the most fun to viewers out of all the Horror Movie genre. It only strengthened my love for horror films simply because it finally gave me the answers to several of my questions. Why do people suddenly become monkeys figuratively speaking? Drugs. Why is it that there seems to be the common theme of teenagers who through their boldness and ignorance, has caused them their deaths? Ancient Evil Gods. Cabin in the Woods has created a world which encapsulates whole worlds of horror although in a more light-hearted way. I mean, just the scene where all forms, shapes and sizes of evil just explode onto the hallway and just have their way with the soldiers was just so… there is no other word for it so I’ll just say it, badass. When monsters based from different movies like Alien, The It, Night of the Living Dead, Anacondas or even My Little Pony Tales rampaged across the building, it leaves me with weird satisfaction to watch how the monsters display their, well, monstrosity. It was such a fun movie that you tend to forget that it is a horror movie. It even borders on comedy which is a toned down version of one of my favorites, Tucker and Dale vs Evil. It begs the answer, just when does a horror movie become a horror movie?
Don’t get me wrong, it does have the elements of horror movie like the outstanding imagery and the perpetuating fear we experience when the focus is on the camping college students. But it still is bordering on comedy. If I think about it more, the movie Cabin in the woods has all three elements of the types of horror movie, the Fantastic, Psychological and the Good vs Evil element. However, the element I find the most important is Psychological Horror. For me, the horror that the movie offers doesn’t come from the monsters like the Zombies or the pain-worshipping backwards zombified idiots but the monsters who trap these monsters and the ultimate monster they do all of these for. The humans who organize the horrific event, they can be called monsters in their own right. However, does that make them evil? No. They have to do this for all of humanity, they have to please the true monsters in order to have a tomorrow, they have to sacrifice innocent lives to appease and live. They don’t rejoice(well, not totatlly) the fact that they are ending lives. It just goes to show you how far humans will go to preserve humanity. When Shaggy said “Maybe it’s time for a change”, the end of humanity may not have been such a bad idea if the condition of staying alive is through death. There is no clear sign of good vs evil, and in my opinion, the word evil is almost non-existent since it is the lack of good that makes it so. “There is no one justice in this world, there are several justices.” I got that quote from a manga, a japanese equivalent to a comic book, titled One Piece. Each one fights for their own form of justice and others may have been trampled upon. Finally, the humans who can be called monsters can likewise be called heroes if the justice we speak of is the justice of survival. All of this gets confusing if you think about it like that. There is no true evil which exists, just an existence which believes itself to be justice. This thought of mine is what exactly makes this movie so confusing and leaves you with almost as many questions as it has given me answers. What makes a monster? How far can we go for our survival? What can we sacrifice? And Why


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