Haunted Voices

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” (William Shakespeare)

This film is as estrogen-filled as they get. Voice revolves mainly around female characters who are later revealed to have a number of internal conflicts bothering them to the point that it tears them apart internally; they implode. Implosion is mostly the case for a stereotypical ‘woman’, who is expected to carry her problems with grace. Things go ugly pretty slow, but when it gets to the ugly, it’s as bad as it gets. There are several things that can be said about Barbara Creed’s ‘monstrous feminine’ and Linda William’s take on the power of feminine desire.

Asian horror films are very well known for their effectiveness when it comes to scaring the socks off of people. I have also noticed that for the most part, the monsters in the film are often children or women, and although they seem smaller in structure than most movie monsters, they pack a punch. Maybe there is something that triggers within a viewer once presented with a monstrous threat that does not look like it can do much. I think it can be connected the monstrous feminine that Creed talks about. It disturbs us more psychologically because we are not used to women or girls being the ones that hold the power in the films and in a sense, viewers are castrated while the movie monsters are invincible in their femininity. The very action of making the monster less physically imposing (size-wize, because often times the monsters look really creepy) Voice is exactly that. The narrator is extremely unreliable, and the threats in the film are not so great in proportion. There is less gore and less violence in this movie than most of the ones that we’ve watched but it remains effective because although the scares aren’t exactly so imposing, it turns stereotypes around and so we are put in a state of abjection; in a world where women are portrayed as weaker, Voice shows that this weakness is only at the shallow point of the character’s being and that women who are scorned have a more twisted way of dealing things. They go behind your back and play with your psyche whereas with male monsters, it is direct to the point, bloody and often linear.


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