Odd, Odder, Oddest

And the Oddest Movie of the Semester award goes to, May.

May is so painfully awkward that for most of the scenes in the movie I had a difficult time watching not because of the possibility that her doll would come to life (because the movie was sort of pushing the viewers to think it) but because May was such and odd girl. Apart from the fact that she was odd, she was also usually put in strange situations such as her workmate, Polly, was an aggressive lesbian (not that anything was wrong with that, May just seemed to be a mismatch with her), tried to take advantage of her numerous times in the film, her boss was a middle-eastern man whose accent was so thick they could barely understand him and the fact that she works at an animal hospital, which goes to show how little human contact May had with the rest of the world. Every time she did, it was weird.

The horror comes in early on, actually. May is introduced as a strange one because she grew up ostracized because of her lazy eye and her mother was a little bit on the odd side as well, having given her the doll and telling her that if she can’t find friends, she should make one. Now, I don’t know if May took it a bit too literally or the mother was just a little nuts herself.

Apart from the ugly-duckling-turned-psycho theme, eventually, the movie showed some aspects that also reflected gender theories about film. Here is a hapless woman who happens to be extremely knowledgeable about amputation and uses it against the people that had irked her. With that, May, who was once the victim of society, turned it around and made a bloody mess of things. I think that is where the typical horror starts pouring out. On the other hand, there are also domestic and psychological elements that plunge into the mix. The latter being the ones that disturbed me the most because for all we know, somewhere in the world, this could be real and there is real horror in daily life as well. It’s just that it’s not all the time that they turn extremely violent just as May had shown.


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