REC 2- More Zombie-Demons!

In many movies, there have been unbelievably great movies which inspired sequels to be made. They were too much of a great material that to let it end just like that seemed inadequate and incomplete. Most of the time however, they fail in comparison to the success of the first movie, the Big ONE so to speak. The first movie pulled out all the stops, all the cards in the deck. However, REC 2 didn’t feel like that at all. REC 2 just seemed like part of a package deal. To watch and experience REC is to watch REC 2 as well, they had to go together because REC 2 fills up the plot holes, REC provides the atmosphere. One key difference between the two is how they start. In REC, the audiences’ eyes are forced to use the eyes of the duo of a local news channel who are ordinary citizens by any standard. They were simply doing their job and their job for the night was to see what life was like for a fireman. They followed them to a unit building believing that it was just a routine checkup for a cry of help. However, hell came up in the form of zombie demons and chaos ensued. It was more terrifying due to the fact that the face of the monster is still hidden, mystery clouds the monster and they simply aren’t equipped to face the demon-zombies.
REC 2 however fills the gaps of mystery surrounding the horror and answers the question, who is the monster. This time, a group of trained soldiers enter and a sense of expectation is felt. We as viewers identify with the powerful male leads who are trained soldiers so we expect that they will be able to handle anything.Furthermore, they are joined by an expert which allows us to conclude that things will turn out differently than for the reporters. To an extent, they did manage to fend off numerous demon-zombies and are brave enough character to do which normal citizens cannot. However in the end, all still fail when confronting the other, something which should not have existed in the first place. The horror then comes not anymore from the thought of zombies tearing through your flesh, but the horror comes from with a greater degree. These zombie-demons are no longer purely physical in terror, but also spiritual for something other than the normal is occurring and no one can stop it.
Another part of the movie which although may be unnecessary, shows just how much humanity can subject itself to its own doom. We see it time and time again, how people, mostly teens, through their own arrogance and stupidity place themselves in danger itself. This is somewhat the subject Noel Carroll writes about in the discussion of the gaze. Humans find themselves unable to look away from that which horrifies them. That is what happened to the young teenagers who saw danger from a distance, yet felt attracted to it like moths to a flame. They seek to have a closer look at the monster which has caused quite a commotion to the city. Even when what they saw must be terrifying, they needed to have a closer look which may as well have costed them their lives.
Overall, although REC2 wasn’t as horrifying as REC in terms of progression, it covered it with horrifying imagery and the fear of something not physical which were demons.


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