Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight

Let The Right One In revolves around the relationship between a young, sweet boy named Oskar and a very innocent-looking, peculiar girl named Eli, who turns out to be an old vampire. Oskar lives with his mother and only from time to time visits his father. He was frequently bullied in school by a group of boys who kept on teasing him to be a “piggie” (which makes no sense because he is quite thin.) He always practiced stabbing using a knife, which was always with him, and reenacts situations when he was bullied, as to somehow prepare for revenge. He met Eli during one of those practice days and he somehow found interest in her, although she acted and smelled strangely. They clicked immediately, became friends, and at one point went “steady.” Håkan, the older man who Eli lives with, plays a significant role in the vampire’s life as he obtained blood from random civilians and delivered them to Eli. In the end, Håkan voluntarily gets bitten by Eli after getting caught by the police. Eli leaves town for she grew too fond of Oskar and she was afraid he might be her next victim. Though, the last scenes show how their relationship stayed alive when Eli saved Oskar from the bullies by ripping their body parts apart. Due to his love for the vampire, Oskar goes away with Eli.

When the film ended, I can’t help but to think that, like many of my classmates did, the story was so similar to Twilight. Though, for me, it’s better. First and most obvious reason is that the characters are much more admirable with both their appearances and acting skills. It was also quite different from other vampire movies that I’ve watched because the characters are very young. It was also able to tackle issues such as bullying, separated family, self-realization, and unconventional relationships. One more unique aspect is that, apparently, invitation is a per-requisite for a vampire to walk inside rooms and build relationships from friendship to love. This makes it so much better than Twilight, because of uniqueness, and also I found it quite creepy for Edward to easily enter a girl’s room and stare at her all night.

I really liked the character of Oskar. There’s something strange about him that made me more interested in the film. The environment that Oskar grew up in obviously contributed a lot to his behavior and attitude. Growing up without paternal guidance hindered him from building a strong and fighting self-esteem, thus making him vulnerable to bullies. He was also very fond of this town murderer, who might be Håkan, that he collected newspaper articles about all the killings that took place. I think that although Eli was the strange one in nature, Oskar was strange in the psychological sense. He was quiet for his age, and he spent a lot of his time alone before meeting Eli. I think this unusual behavior has made him more willing to be with Eli, even if she was not a girl as she always emphasizes. Oskar didn’t have anyone around who accepted him wholly. Although, when he hit the bully when he was about to get pushed, his father was more gentle and understanding, Oskar still was not able to vent out his inner grievances to his father. Only when Eli came to his life was he able to open himself to another person. The interest he had for the murderer was also an indication that despite being quiet most of the time, he had anger and vengeance within him that eventually came out when he got the confidence brought about by Eli.

Eli changed Oskar’s life dramatically, but I think that it was not love that made her so thoughtful in the first place, it was just in her nature to manipulate human beings to follow her wishes. Oskar might just turn out like Håkan later on. I have this theory that it was not about the relationship that Eli went back, it’s that she needed him to live more like a human than a supernatural being. It’s actually a reciprocal relationship, but it’s more damaging on Oskar’s part for he had more chances of living a normal life without Eli but he was too afraid to indulge in the normal for all the experiences he had gone through in it. Despite this friends with benefits kind of notion, I still think that their relationship was so adorable that I find it to be better than Twilight.

Though, I did not quite feel the horror in the film aside from having a vampire as a character. But I guess that horror is not all about the scare factor.



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