The Last One In!

Let The Right One In is the last movie of our semester. A bittersweet ending, with a beautiful movie capping off the semester of learning about a great genre in movies.

The final movie was like a class of Euro Film combined with Horror Film, I think the movie was nicely made, the music, the camera shots were spot on to convey what it wants to show. The development of the characters was very well done, with Oskar and Eli’s relationship really shining throughout the film. Also beautiful is the relationship between Eli and the man who helps her get some blood. There’s a big dilemma that is apparent in the man, and we aren’t really enlightened on why he is helping Eli. We see a gruesome murder committed by the man and from there you could sort of tell what Eli really is. I can’t shake away the scene where the man is trying to get blood from a boy in a locker room, and he knew there was no way out so he just hid in the other room with the acid. I just found that scene beautiful for some reason, and of course the intention noble.

Of course comparisons are going to be made to Twilight, saying that this movie is a kids edition, along with same quotes like “I’m __ years old… I’ve been __ years old for a long time”. But comparisons to a teen mega hit shouldn’t take away anything from this movie given that it does tell a great story in a beautiful way.

It takes a lot from the usual sense of what a vampire is, what it brings to the table is probably a somewhat unique innocence that only a “12 year old” vampire can bring. As much as she wants to be normal, she isn’t. It made me think when she told Oskar, that he hurts the bully because he wants to, but Eli hurts others because she has to. You feel for her because of her innocence and that she’s in such a tough situation. It is as if she just wants to have a normal life. When she sees Oskar one time and is offered a Rubik’s Cube it is as if she saw it for the first time, and she just wants to play with it like a normal kid, not a blood-thirsty vampire.

I like how it is sort of a nice culmination for our class, because though it seems that having such a horrific side like being a vampire would hinder from building a friendship with Oskar, it didn’t. The conceptual scheme was indeed changed such that they could live together without harming each other. Just like Oskar and Eli, horror movies are in our lives but just because they are different it doesn’t mean that we should shy away from them or be afraid of them so much that we stray away. We can be afraid and still try, just like what Oskar did with his friendship with Eli, of course it is scary to be with a blood-thirsty vampire but they still fought to understand the situation that they are in and in the end worked together. Horror is something that we may be afraid of but once we experience it and try our best to understand the situation we can find out that is an art that we should cherish.


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