The Voice

The five senses are what we use to detect the world around us. It is this detection which allows us to then comprehend the information one gathers and then create the act. Even for human interaction, we use these senses to communicate with one another which allows understanding and then co-existence and company. It is only when one dies which ceases this communication with the use of the five senses. However, the Voice plays its chords of horror in using one of the five senses to allow communication with something which supposedly cannot, which is more precisely, a dead person.
The Voice is fairly interesting for a horror movie because the lead character is the abnormal, something which supposedly does not exist. Young-un was just a seemingly ordinary yet earnest student who is a dedicated singer. All of a sudden, she dies of paper and is left both confused and scared as she slowly realizes that she is a ghost who has lost the ability to communicate with the five senses because to lose the ability is to be in a way, dead. This of course would scare anyone for death is unknown territory with its depth and darkness. Therefore, Young-un clings to that which can allow her to be still alive which is through her friend Sun-min.
If there is something more scarier than seeing a monster, it is hearing a monster where you have no bearing as to where it can be. The sense of hearing something but without the knowledge of the source, is horrifying to a great extent. That is why when Sun-min first hears this disembodied voice of Young-un she was greatly terrified but soon realizes that she knows that voice and immediately identified it to Young-un. Throughout the movie, we see how hard this is on Young-un, how she constantly has to deal with all of the pain and fear without any explanation of any sort. Being a defenseless little ghost, we sympathize with her and root for her. However, it was not as it seemed as Cho-ah, an awkward yet experienced whisperer herself told Sun-min that ghosts only remember what they want which would mean that Young-un’s memory might be tampered. After a series of events, and the revelation of the true events lead to a chorus of “What the Fudges”, Young-un herself is portrayed as the object of horror as we realize that she was the source of evil. But when she died, she forgets everything that which portrays her as something other than being a perfect student, a great daughter and a talented singer. A brand new persona is created but the leftover evil remains in the form of the other half of Young-un. It was refreshing to see how such a development took place. This was something new to me as the Voice showed us how the typical monstrous ghosts, the vengeful spectral horrors are born. Through Young-un’s fear of death, and fear of what awaits her there itself, she wished from the bottom of her entire existence to simply not die and to do that, she must live. Those are the thoughts of a monster who thinks about herself which allows her to sacrifice anything to live, be it her humanity or the quality which makes her human, or the life of her friend.


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