To be Dead is not what it seems

There are movies that you will definitely like.These movies captivate you from the very start, make you feel part of the movie itself and will never allow you to grow tired of. For me, movies like Count of Monte Cristo or even the Lord of the Rings Trilogy will never grow old for me simply because it was too good, I will never grow tired of it even if watching it for another dozen times. There will also be movies that you will definitely hate. They are annoying pieces of film that you will rage on about even before finishing the film. However, there is another kind of film that is definitely worse. These films are movies that you will hate because it  succeeded in fulfilling one quality of great films, it has captivated you(to some extent). Dead Girl is definitely one of these.
Dead Girl starts out like any other teen-aged lead character. It shows how normal(or so it seems) life is in school. J.T and his best pal Ricky are shown to be seemingly average confused adolescents with their own specific set of problems. When they chanced upon Dead Girl, everything went to hell when J.T. for whatever reason, decides to vent out his sexual frustration on a chained sex slave.  The movie attempts to answer the question, What if? What if one day, you find a perfectly available vagina for sex? What if this vagina is free, you don’t have to court it or even love it, it is simply there whenever one needs a quick but nice ejaculation? J.T. has represented the very dark corners of the male sexually frustrated mind. He’s character represents the horror that lurks within our consciousness. I’m not saying I thought like him, far from it. I meant he represents the horrific possibility of how terrifying the existence or nonexistence of human limits there is. The boys’ choices is understandable still on some extent because we see what kind of guidance they are receiving. I believe the horror in this film lies not only on the dark possiblities of humanity but the lack of guidance from humanity. If you think about it, what did their parents had to say about their decisions, their disappearances. For JT, it felt like their parents/guardians frankly didn’t give a crap about him, letting him spend days on God knows where. Ricky also has awesome guidance coming from his stepfather. Really, part of the horror in this film comes from lack of teachers on how to be human in the film. For me, JT became as near a monster as a human can get because there was noone to point him to the right horizon.
Ricky however, starts of as the very standard of male adolescent minds. This is shown all throughout the movie when Ricky shows how much of a crush he has on Joanna. Ricky barely knows her personally but he is on the level of having sexual fantasies of her. He vents out his sexual frustration on these fantasies. He however, still has the voice of reason within which allows him to still think a little clearer than his friends. Sadly, by the end, he ends up joining the leagues of J.T. who takes advantage per se of these Dead Girls. Ricky is shown to be having some sort of peace which was found at the beginning of the movie. Everything seems fine on the outside, he goes to school, takes on a smile now and then and seems to function like before. However, several things have changed for him since the appearance of Dead Girl. His equilibrium or sense of peace and happiness takes on a whole new form. He will no longer be in the same kind of peace experienced at the start of the film. He will live his life forever changed by the horrors he has come face to face with.


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