Traditional Innkeeping

The Innkeepers was, in my opinion, the most ordinary horror film that we were able to watch in class.

Enter Claire, a sweet, asthmatic, college dropout and Luke, a geeky dude who drives an old beat-up car who seems to take a liking to Claire. Unfortunately, the Yankee Pedlar Inn, in which they work in, is about to close up shop for good and leaves the two with nothing left to do but tend to the Inn as it goes through its last several days. The pace was slow, the characters were quite the common kind. Eventually out of boredom, the two decide to go deeper into an urban legend about the very Inn that they work for and that is where the horror slowly, but surely starts creeping in.

Not many can be said about the plot from there. It was indeed a very traditional horror movie in a sense that the scares were quite predictable. The use of sound was extraordinary, as the film introduced most of the scary scenes through the sound; you could hear the horror coming. There was abjection there in the sound in a sense that it took the viewers only as far as the sound could, leaving them in a sort of, helpless stance when the ghost would pop out of nowhere. There was of course, the damsel in distress, who was embodied by sweet, asthmatic Claire, a mystic, Leanne-Rease Jones, the hero (or at least he tried to be), Luke and the resident ghosts and eerie old persons that brought the freaky to the screen. The female gender role was not twisted in any way with Claire being thrown into the fray knowing that she might not make it. With a tub suicide on the list and an angry old spirit to boot, The Innkeepers was in every sense of the word, ordinary horror, taking the haunted house-type horror film without taking any new steps or reducing any ingredient that made it the way it usually is. Nevertheless, The Innkeepers was still quite enjoyable and the scenes were still effective besides the fast that in hindsight, viewers could already predict what was about to happen. It was a good change of pace after watching two heart-attack inducing movies, REC and REC2.


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