Asian horror films have the reputation to be one of the scariest. I noticed from numerous movies that I’ve seen that the plot of Asian horror films are not as important, the main part of the movie is the scary moments that come out of nowhere, unexplained. Scenes that get you caught off guard and gripping the armrest or whatever you have to hold is what I expect from them. And again, I am taught not to generalize. Thank you, Voice, for being such a disappointment.

The setting of the movie had me hopeful; it had all the elements of what scary movie should have, strange dripping sounds, red eerie glow, long dark corridors and the works. Even most of characters had this spooky look to them.  So there I was, expecting.  

When Young-Eon suddenly dies because of a flying paper, which everyone might have found laughable, I was horrified. Everyone knows how horribly painful a tiny paper cut is, and having experienced quite a lot of paper inflicted pain, It was not that hard for me to imagine someone dying because of it.  But that was the only part of the film that scared me, the rest of the time I was waiting for something else to happen or better yet, end.

Instead of scaring me like I hoped, it made me realize a lot of things, that ghosts or monsters (if they were real) are probably more scared than we are of them. The scenes of Young Eon in the school alone with no hopes of escape, not knowing how or why she ended up that way she was was pretty scary, That Koreans probably took the film and plot much differently than I did, while I was waiting to be horrified by whatever creepy thing, they might have found the lesbian and suicide topic alone, horrifying.  (These realizations only came long after watching the film)

I guess the slow pace of the movie was for the viewers to appreciate the story more but I was tired of waiting. The revelation of Jong Eun being a bad person was not surprising to me because if she was selfish enough to keep her friend stuck in limbo with her, then she probably was a horrible person while she was alive.  I though Young-Eon would become a better person (or ghost) because she seemed appalled knowing how horrible she was while she was alive, but no, that was another disappointment. Also, how could her best friend not know that she was completely psychotic?  

Overall, I did not like the movie, I found it too dragging. Slow-paced movies should have a good development or at least rich dialogue but Voice didn’t have any of the two.  The fact that the deaths centered on the jealousy of another’s singing voice was also a shallow choice for a plot. Like my realizations which came long after watching the movie, I think the realizations of the characters in the movie came too late as well, not good to keep an audience waiting.


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