Whatever you do, don’t go to the basement

Innkeepers was set in The Yankee Peddlar Inn, a haunted hotel on the verge of business failure, where two innkeepers, Claire and Luke, are both interested in documenting the paranormal incidences that have occurred in the hotel. With only a few days left, the main characters are eager to get something freaky while still manning the front desk and handling the last few hotel guests. Their last few guests include a depressed mother, her son, a celebrity-turned-ghost-whisperer, and an old man who turns out to be the runaway groom of the widow of the Pedlar, Madeleine Mallory. This horror movie has a hint of romance as Luke comes out to be a secret admirer of Claire just before the climax of the movie. The ending makes the movie scarier and heartbreaking as viewers find out what really happened with the life of the widow.

Honestly, I thought that I wouldn’t really like the movie because it was borderline horror movie and romcom. But I kind of liked it. The quirky character of Claire made the film look like an interesting life of a curious teenage girl and it contributes to the building up of the story from a funny beginning to a really terrifying end. It had just the right amount of gore in the end as we see Madeleine and the old man who committed suicide. Sometimes a horror movie spoils itself when it starts off with a series of bloody murders or a terrifying ghost experience. Innkeepers was able to tickle the audience’s mind as the movie teases them little by little with bits of paranormal activities and putting a big bang of horror in the end.

Of course what’s most memorable is the classic basement scene. In horror movies, something always goes badly when someone enters a basement. Doesn’t matter if it’s your house or a hotel, some supernatural thing is hanging out in that basement. No matter how used that horror style is, it still gives me the creeps.

Although the cinematography and SFX were commendable, I got lost when the ghost and the old man started to go and try to kill Claire. Why did they want to kill her? Is it because she got in their way? But Luke also participated, so why her? Maybe it was all in Claire’s mind. She had this great love for the paranormal that maybe she found  it hard to separate what’s real and what’s not. If this is the case, then Claire must have died of an asthma attack, knowing that she dropped her inhaler before her final appearance. That unclear part of the plot made the movie less appealing to me. I would have wanted more action, a bigger bang. The psychic also seemed like a fill-up role, meaning she just filled up the role of a person who is tasked to tell more about the story of the ghost just because she can communicate with her. It was just so strange and random that from a celebrity she turned to a far different career. Maybe it’s just part of Claire’s imagination.

Whether or not Claire actually seen everything, Innkeepers gave me goosebumps. I had a few jump-scares, but I think it would have been better with a more dynamic plot.


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