Women and Blood

Ginger Snaps is again, something new for me as I haven’t watched horror quite like this before. The movie starts right off the bat showing the object of horror itself which has been known throughout the world as the one and only, mighty werewolf. I truly am a fan of werewolves. With their big muscular body covered with fur, and a bestiality matched by no other, this image of power has always been fun to conceptualize. I have seen many werewolf movies which empowered this attraction of mine to these powerhouses. Most of which revolves around the classic depiction of the werewolf like the movie Van Helsing or the Underworld series. These powerhouse werewolves with their almost human-like stance was such an unbelievably scary image that somehow, I even wished to own one. They show how beast like the human soul can be, how vicious and wild-like they can be. It was refreshing to conceptualize. But one day, BOOM! Ginger Snaps shows its head and practically destroying the scary image of the traditional werewolf and makes it something that which is most preferably hidden so that it cannot be looked upon ever again.
Ginger and Brigitte were two awkward teens who were making their way through the world as one which meant that they blocked everybody else out and lived in their own perfectly designated world of weirdness and hobbies. However, one day the hideous werewolf arrives and infects Ginger. All Throughout the movie, the plot centers around the various transformations of several aspects of Ginger like how her body is becoming more wolf-like, and how her “used to be immature” mind copes with how her body is changing. Ginger eventually becomes imbalanced with conflicting wants and priorities. In the process however, she finally broke out of the cage of the sisters’ own world and somewhat opened herself up to others that shows how mature an action it is. However, these transformations of her mind and body are still both scary but more on a grotesque kind of way. It makes her transformations hard to watch and when Ginger finally becomes a werewolf, a very disgusting and ugly creature at that, she becomes something else, something which will forever live through blood and anger.
Ginger Snaps then is a movie about a sudden arrival of a dark descendant onto a young girl which makes her something which lives through blood and whose mind is filled with viscious and feral thoughts. Hmm… where have we heard that before? Yep that’s right, Women. Ever since grade school, we have been undergone a process of realization that women are very different from men. When something bad happens or when somebody has been naughty, it has been boys who the teachers or even parents look to for the source. That is because girls mature much faster than boys. They even arrive at puberty younger. However, girls’ puberty is very different from the boys’. Boys only have to worry about pubes or the dealing with the increasing impulse to masturbate but girls have it so much tougher. They basically undergo the more terrifying aspects of being a human female, menstruation. They undergo that which is horrifying simply because of the sight of so much blood. This is viewed as disgusting and dirty, I mean the name of the blood itself is disgusting, “Dirty Blood”. This horrifying side of the female is supposedly hidden from society to view which GInger Snaps attempts to place a spotlight on. The form of the worewolf of Ginger can be said to be the form of females as they undergo menstruation. I have seen my sister get crazy at times because of her werewolf-ness and it wasn’t pretty. They run on short tempers with their confused minds exactly how Ginger was in the movie with her transformations. Ginger Snaps shows us how hideous this menstruation is and how something that should never be publically viewed is horrifying. I myself have never seen the “werewolf” form of any women nor I have any plans to. The point is that the reason why the movie’s werewolf is so vastly different from the werewolves I liked  is because it refers to something else that is bestial, something closer to reality than any other werewolf. The grotesque face of the werewolf that can only be the image of menstruation.


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